Black Girls' Night Out: Abbie and Jenny Mills

You know, I've got to say, for some reason Sleepy Hollow just feels slightly off to me this season.  I don't know if it's the pacing, Katrina's storyline, or the fact that the Horsemen are no longer all that interesting since they've been downgraded to a spurned lover and a bratty son. 

But since I loved the show so much last season and hate not being completely engaged, I'm really hoping it'll pick up steam soon.

"Root of all Evil" (2x03)

In this episode, we were introduced to a new character, and I'm still not sure how I feel about him.  I'm talking, of course, about Nick Hawley, an Indiana Jones-type antiquities dealer who just so happens to be in town when Team Witness needs his expertise.  He's also supposed to be Abbie's new love interest, so there's that.  I'm not sure how I feel about that either, but I digress.

He didn't really stand out to me all that much, but in fairness, it was his first episode.  Since he's going to be a recurring character this season, they still have time to develop his character further.  But it is interesting to note that he apparently knows Jenny.  Hopefully, his presence will be used as a way for us to get to know more about her and her past travels pre-Team Witness.

Abbie and Jenny (who was released from jail with community service thanks to her sister's intervention) are on the outs for a good bit of the episode.  We're shown quite clearly that although their relationship has come a long way since last season, there's still tension percolating just under the surface. 

Jenny is upset that Abbie seems fine with the fact that Sheriff Reyes is the one that had their mother committed all those years ago.  I still think Reyes knows way more than she's letting on, but at this point, she's pretty hard to read.  She's very by-the-book and seems like a hard ass, but seeing the hint of a softer side makes me look forward to learning just how much she really knows.

The mysterious-object-of-the-week, one of the 30 pieces of silver that Judas received to betray Jesus, was put into circulation by Henry in an attempt to stir shit up.  He succeeded, causing an easygoing bank teller to take everyone hostage at gunpoint before being shot and killed by Sheriff Reyes.  Later in the episode, Jenny gets ahold of it while performing her community service and it immediately infects her with it's evil.  She sets off to find Reyes, ready and willing to extract revenge for what she did to her mother.  Team Witness arrives just in time for Abbie to try to talk her sister down, allowing Ichabod to disarm her.  Abbie almost falls victim to the coin's lure, but Ichabod steps in with a well-timed shout that snaps her out of it.

The team finally tells Irving who Henry is and that it's best he refrains from any contact with him.  Personally, I can't believe they've never told him who the Horseman of War is before now, but I guess he had to be kept in the dark for plot purposes.  Despite their warning, I have a feeling that it's probably too late anyway.  Poor Irving.

"Go Where I Send Thee" (2x04)

This episode showcases Ichabod's questionable driving skills in a hilarious opening scene that sees him trolling Abbie by purposely driving like a maniac.  The fun times don't last too long however, when they're called to the scene of a child disappearance.  The child in question is the young daughter of Abbie's old caseworker, and she's determined to get the girl back safely.  After they find the flute of the Pied Piper, or rather the hollowed out bone that doubles as a flute, they manage to track her down with the help of Nick Hawley who was hanging out in the woods looking for said bone flute. 

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm seriously starting to wonder about this guy.  The fact that he always just happens to pop up wherever Ichabod and Abbie are is a little suspicious to me.

They save the girl, but are forced to save her again once they learn that the Lancaster family is bound by a curse: either they sacrifice the girl or all of the children in the family will die.  The mother tries to return the girl to the Pied Piper, but Abbie talks her into letting Team Witness stop the monster once and for all.  They return to the Piper's lair (sans Nick, who's taken the flute--broken in half by Abbie--as payment for helping them find the girl), where Ichabod is nearly killed before Abbie swoops in and saves the day. 

And is it just me, or did the writers turn the Ichabbie flirting up to about one thousand this episode?  Between the driving, declarations of togetherness, and Abbie wiping foam off Ichabod's mouth, I had to wonder if he remembers he's married.

Unfortunately, there's no Jenny in this episode (still can't figure out why), but we do get some Irving.  While doing some research on the end of days, Irving has a vision of himself as a minion of Moloch, slicing and dicing during the Apocalypse like an evil badass.  Suitably mortified, he tries to fire Henry as his lawyer, but Henry doesn't seem inclined to end their arrangement so easily.  After threatening Frank's family and freedom, Henry basically tells him to think about his life choices. 

Watching Irving and the gang attempt to get him out of his blood-binding contract with War and, by extension Moloch, is going to be all kinds of fun.


  1. Not digging the Nick Hawley guy because I'm not digging the addition of characters when we need to be deleting a few. The Horseman has officially been dismissed. Once he stopped being scary and mysterious, I had no use for him. And instead of being brought into "the real world" and made a regular character, Katrina needs to go.

    And why hasn't someone done something better with the opening credits? *blink* They've had, like, a year to create some better shit.

    1. I hear they're casting michelle trachtenberg as Abigail Adams...who has a mysterious connection to katrina.

      You know...I stay for Abbie, Jenny, Irving & Co, but I think we got duped.

    2. You know...I stay for Abbie, Jenny, Irving & Co, but I think we got duped.

      "Diversity" is a tool used to keep white-owned networks rich and relevant.

  2. Here is the link about it. Sounds like one episode. http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/10/21/sleepy-hollow-michelle-trachtenberg/

    Seems like Nick is an ex of Jenny according to Monday's episode.

    1. Seems like Nick is an ex of Jenny according to Monday's episode.

      In a reveal which made me wanna upchuck.

  3. I still don't get why a fine African, Caribbean, or Asian can't come and sweep Abbie off her feet. Also I don't like the whole sisters sharing men, very very disgusting. I notice that while Ichabod feels threatened by the new white guy, he doesn't disrespect him like he did Andy. While Orlando Jones looked stupid to some during the vision, I thought he seemed pretty cool. I like to see people casted in different ways. Check out his twitter he is hilarious.

  4. Captain Irving is back!!!!


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