Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt


Before we get into last week's episode, we need to talk about Viola Davis's appearance on How to Get Away with Murder.

Her stylist needs to be fired.

Davis a dark-chocolate bombshell in her forties and not that hard to dress.  Her skin and natural hair already do 99% of the work.  I'm not diggin' the unflattering wig, the off-colored makeup, or the black outfits.  If you're going to put a dark-skinned sistah in dark clothing, stay away from black and lean more towards the dark violets (see right), the olives, burgundies, coppers, and bronzes.  Like...duh.

With that out the way, how did you like our leading lady, huh????

I'm digging where her story is going.  At first, some of us weren't happy that she was cheating on her hubby.  But this week revealed that hubby had a habit of cheating as well, preferably with his young students.  And I'm not surprised; once we learned he was a psychology professor husband of a prominent, wealthy, powerful defense attorney who is also a professor...I knew right away he wasn't faithful.  Men have been known to be intimidated by far less.

Her lover, Detective Lahey, seems anything but intimidated by her.  More like annoyed or irritated.  But hey...*shrug*...you're the detective who was dumb enough to screw a prominent attorney.  Like, I thought lawyers would be kryptonite to detectives?

And vice versa, while we're on the subject.  Annalise (I hate it when her husband calls her "Annie") suspects her husband murdered his student.  So for help she goes to Lahey, the detective she fucked over on the stand?  I think the writers screwed up here.  Why are they even still talking?  And why she is another seemingly heartbroken sistah pining after a married brotha - who's nowhere near her level - when she's the great Annalise Keating?

If this is going to HTGAWM's version of Olitz, please stop now.  Rectify that ish STAT.  Give Annalise a weakness which doesn't come in the form of a man.  A child she abandoned.  A crime she committed.  A vengeful lesbian ex - anything but a man.

To be honest, this episode seemed to flesh out her students a bit more, notably the adorkable caramel heartthrob Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch), whom we learn has a bit of a determined ruthless streak.  Makes sense...he is a law student after all.  I'm hoping that at some point, the fabulous Michaela Pratt also gets fleshed out because there is way too much goodness there going unexplored.

In the pilot, we learned she's engaged.  This week, we learned she graduated top of her class.  Both episodes confirmed she's beautiful, stylish, totally enviable, and this week, Frank - one of Annalise's associates - refers to Michaela as the "Prom Queen."


See...I may loathe the Angry Black Bitch stereotype with a fiery vengeance, but the Pretty Black Bitch?  The one with hordes of haters?  By all means...have at it.


  1. Yeah, I wasn't feeling Annalise' interactions with the detective at all. Like I would have felt better if he had been the one groveling and she simply brushed off his pleading and kept it moving. I agree that she needs another weakness.

  2. Clearly Shonda's working out some issues with her female protagonists.

    1. Indeed. I was not feeling the bi-phobic/DL black man thing going on. Like it wouldn't have hurt the story if they were okay with Mikaela's fiance being sexually fluid or something.

  3. Another goodie last night,but one thing that I'm beginning to bug me about her series. Although they're all still good, my concern for her is that she seem to not let Black love flourish and the the love triangles in them. I love Black love as well as IR love,but I think that her formula will dry out if she continues to do that. It would have been nice if Mikayla would have had a nice relationship with her fiance if the interruptions about his possible gay lifestyle wouldn't leave viewers wondering about him (BTW a hot man they gave Aja)

    As I mentioned before,it seems that people think that Black love doesn't exists and the only way they feel that any of their shows will survive is that the Black woman always have to be undecided..and unhappy..about their relationships, then having a fling with a White man( Even with that it would be nice if they could use a non-Black man for that as well). Mind you that Annalise was trying to slide on to the Detective,but it's another case of Black women can never satisfied with one relationship.

    I'm going to give FOX credit about one thing..as much as I hate Katrina being on their, they are showing how a show can be successful( or maybe successful..the ratings are cause for a little alarm) can be without the the crazy love triangles in them. Don'r get me wrong , I love seeing love of any kind,but to constantly use them..I think..will one day backfire.

    1. POC love can't seem to flourish on these shows period. "Interracial" always seems to be POC + a white person, which got old years ago. Either POC don't get together with other POC, or they get together and break up.

      I mean, we get it already: white and brown people screw each other. *yawn* Show us something else, will ya?

  4. Shonda is not writing this show guys. At least she has not done an episode yet. She only executive produces.

  5. Don't matter. Her name's on it. As EP, she can swoop down from Mount Olympus and insist on script changes and adjustments as she sees fit.

    1. And this show has Shonda's fingerprints all over it, in fact...I'm thinking she actually did create it and once people started commenting on how this show seemed to be a combo of "Scandal" and "Grey's Anatomy", she smoothly passed that title off onto someone else.

      No offense to Pete Nowalk, but this is clearly a Shonda show; it has all the classic markers of Shondaland and viewers will go on considering it as such.

    2. Hence my previous statement. As much as I appreciate what she's been able to do in a WM-dominated industry, I don't appreciate it being at the expense of a man being a powerful sistah's Achilles' heel. I mean, come on Shonda...quit that fuckshit and give us something new.


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