Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt

This week's ep was packed with action, twists, and potential problems. I did see an improvement with the handling of our leading lady's makeup, but I also saw Detective Nate Lahey firmly set up to be her "weakness".  And by that, I mean this: Lahey knows Sam Keating, Annalise's husband, has no alibi from the night of his student's murder.  But Lahey lies to her, telling her that Sam's alibi is airtight, thus setting her up for (possible) major public humiliation.


I also didn't like her groveling, talking that nonsense about missing Lahey and still pathetically trying to win him back - I mean, OMG...get over it already.  You fucked him over on the stand, and he's never going to forgive that.  Move on, find a new Latino or Asian boy toy and show us why the formidable Annalise Keating is so feared and awe-inspiring.

Stop adhering to the old stereotype of the secretly lonely/vulnerable/self-loathing career woman.  That's a myth devised by insecure man-boys too terrified to deal with grown women.
Viola Davis is becoming less believable as a strong, bad-ass character, and much more vulnerable. I feel bad comparing her to Olivia Pope because at least Olivia has the cold capability of emotionally removing herself. Keating does not and I hope that changes. (Source)
That being said, I like all the sex everyone's having.

I was wondering how we'd have to wait to meet Michael Pratt's fiancé and see whether or she even has a life.  Turns out, I only needed to wait until episode three.  If you ask me, this was really Michaela's episode because it confirmed that she doesn't have to wish to be Annalise.  She already is Annalise.

The writer I quoted above fears as I fear, that Annalise is a softer character than we'd all hoped.  I don't have that same fear with Michaela Pratt.  The big reveal this week was that Michaela's fiancé Aiden slept with Connor Walsh back when they were two spoiled boys in boarding school.  Like many of us who've men good-looking, charming, well-dressed men who reveal that kind of history, Michaela goes into red alert.  It doesn't matter how many women come after an experience like that, we know that we can't always be sure of what he really wants.

Like Michaela explains, she won't hate him, she'll accept his being gay, she'll be his friend, she just needs to know because she's invested so much time and planning into her future. She plans to be wealthy, successful, with a nanny to deal with their child and chef to cook their meals.  Aiden being gay disrupts that future and so "if" he is, she needs to know now.
The HTGAWM creators hinted that Connor would have a romantic storyline in Season 1 that would be introduced in the next episodes, so it was easy for me to assume that they meant his burgeoning romance with IT technician Oliver. However, what if Aiden is actually the reason that Connor doesn’t do boyfriends? What if he was the first great love of Connor’s life that ended badly? What if Michaela suddenly finds herself involved in a love triangle with her own fiancé and her greatest rival on Professor Keating’s student team? What if the addition of Oliver makes that love triangle into a love square? Annalise Keating might not be the only one with a convoluted love life this season, that’s for sure. (Source)
These are all very good questions.  What do you ladies think the answers are?  And how you like the handling of these sistahs' love lives?


  1. I think if MIchaela has a plan then who she dates/marry won't matter as long as they help in that goal. She just needs a body to fill the space. I say move on whether he is still into Connor or not.

    As for Annalise and her husband I'm trying to figure out why they are/were still together since they are both screwing around.

    1. I say move on whether he is still into Connor or not.

      Normally, I wouldn't want to torpedo a beautiful brown couple, but when a man starts lying by omission about his sexuality, it's time to go.

      As for Annalise and her husband I'm trying to figure out why they are/were still together since they are both screwing around.

      I wonder if the writers knew what they were doing when they revealed these two have been married for 20 years. Um...why?

    2. It confuses me especially since they are professors. I would get it if they are Hillary and Bill with political careers and trying to project an image. But they are professors so who gives a crap if they single, married, or divorced.

      I don't believe her students killed him though.

      And what is up with her (Annalise) creepy assistant? The girl. Something is off about her.

  2. My decision to wait before watching sounds justified.


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