Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt

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So sorry, ladies. Didn't meant to take so long with this one.
How is this episode just the fourth one of the season? We had a maniacal hacking up of a corpse, a high-rise suicide, a ground-breaking gay sex scene, and Viola Davis taking off her wig and make-up on air. Oh, and a philandering husband’s sexting. If that doesn’t sound like a season finale’s worth of cliffhangers, I don’t know what does. (Source)
Couldn't have said it better myself.

This is the episode everyone can't stop talking about, and precisely for the aforementioned reasons.  The "wig scene" is historic, for in moment of vulnerability, Annalise Keating removed her God-awful wig to reveal her natural hair and scrubbed away her makeup in a daze, then flatly demanded her husband explain why his penis was "on a dead girl's phone."

*** Did I mention spoilers? ***

That the simple, wordless wig scene is considered historic and earth-shaking in 2014 provides a sad, sad commentary on the state of our society.

The wig scene comes after another powerful yet noticeably unsung scene in this episode.  Annalise's client, Marren Trudeau (Elizabeth Perkins) is charged with insider and training, and over the course of the episode, it's revealed the two women are old friends who've known each other for decades.  Marren points something out: Annalise has been with Marren through it all - divorces, lawsuits, and and an assortment of other messes - and yet Marren knows absolutely nothing about Annalise.  And it's apparently not for a lack of trying, because the enigmatic Annalise smoothly avoids having a "deep" talk with Marren.

The thing Marren doesn't realize is that knowing things about Annalise isn't the same as understanding them.  Like...why stay married to Sam Keating for 20 years?  What is that about?  As Lor pointed out on a previous post, these are professors, not politicians.  No one gives a fuck whom they're sleeping with, or whether or not they stay married.  Of the two, Annalise is the relevant one and as much as we love her, a defense attorney/professor's married life is not that important to the outside world.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that had Sam Keating lived long enough for Annalise to divorce him, not only would no one on the show bat an eyelash, but I'm pretty sure several characters would've asked her what the hell took so long.

Meanwhile, shit is about to hit the fan.  Not only does Annalise know her husband was screwing Lila Stangard for sure, but she's back to suspecting him of her murder.  And since Detective Lahey is already investigating this increasingly shady man, I think we can all guess where that storyline is going.

But at least they've got a storyline.  Michaela's suddenly gone back to being the snarky Prom Queen with test anxiety and a tort obsession.  I hope they don't think that giving her a sex scene and a sexually ambiguous fiance is a storyline.  We've seen classmate Laurel Castillo with Kan (Arjun Gupta) more than once, and we know she's got something going with Frank too.  We've seen Connor Walsh with Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) almost regularly, as well as his steamy tryst with the tragic Paxton.  And we're seeing and learning about a whole lot of Wes Gibbins - where he lives, whom he obsesses over, how he forges - in short, we're learning about the others rather quickly.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to get the feeling the writers aren't entirely sure where to go with Michaela, and we all know what happens when that bullshit starts.  Tomorrow's episode better get to rectifying.  Michaela's episode dropped a bomb on her with zero follow-up last week.  Not even snarkfest with Connor.


  1. Did you hear the uproar about the sex scene between Connor and Paxton? Plus Connor and Oliver? Also the scenes between Cyrus and the call man (I guess that is what you call it since its a man instead of a girl?). People only focused on that.

    As for Michaela I'm kind of over her. I would like to know why she is so driven, but I really don't care anything more about her. If she can't handle the pressure of a test HOW is she going to handle being a lawyer?

    And yes that scene with Annalise removing her makeup was powerful. It spoke volumes without any words. And I would like to point out the scene a few episodes ago where she is in bed with her husband and checks her phone. WITH HER HAIR WRAPPED UP! I thought that was the FIRST TIME I had seen that. You almost never if ever seen black women in bed with their hair wrapped up even though you know most do.

    And what is what her creepy assistant (the blonde)? My sister and I were talking about it and something is definitely up with that chica. I'm starting to wonder if she is the killer of Sam.

    1. I read about that ..and Shonda got them back, too. I loved that scene! Shonda does her shows through a realistic perspective. That is why she is such a great writer.That is what I love about her. You look at shows/movies and you say there is something missing from it..kind of reminds of what Viola did when she was going to bed. Most shows want to give us an unrealistic picture of women going to bed with their make-up and their hair looking like they put a million dollars on it..C'mon now ,unless there is some kind of addiction disorder, that is simply not real.

  2. Wow..that wig scene, that is all that I can talk about. I don't know what to say other than it was awesome! I fell to my knees when I seen it. Now that is the real deal right there. Realism at it's best!

    1. Most shows want to give us an unrealistic picture of women going to bed with their make-up and their hair looking like they put a million dollars on it..

      Or when they wakeup from surgery with full makeup on!

    2. That's always bugged the ever living shit out of me. And then we, as a society, wonder how and why male expectations are so goddamn ridiculous.


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