Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Back when our "Olivia Pope" series was "Carter & Pope", I used to love watching Scandal while I loathed having to sit through Person of Interest.  Now, I love watching How to Get Away with Murder and really have to force myself to sit through Scandal.

The TV gods have a strange sense of humor.

I can barely remember this week's episode and I only just watched it last night. I recall the Charlie/Quinn dysfunctional romance being revisited.  I also recall nobody gives a shit about that romance - I mean, can we talk about the actress's plight?  Pretty women are made to kiss/pretend to have sex with straight dogly in Hollywood men all the time and it's seriously creeping me out!

But I digress.  But I like Katie Lowes and I give Quinn credit: when she calls her fellow gladiators out for not noticing she was gone for a whole day (Jake and Charlie held her hostage), and that it's negligence like that which allowed Harrison to get got, I grinned.  During her tirade we learned that it was Quinn keeping tabs on OPA, Quinn tracking down Olivia and Harrison, and Quinn keeping tabs

Liv is feeling out of place and out of sorts with her home city so she goes to visit her dad.  He even goes so far to offer to dine with her and Jake, who bluntly reminds her she's not his girlfriend and will not be having dinner with her and Daddy/Command.

While I understand not wanting to dine with the man who tortured him, I'm not digging the tone he takes with Liv.

Cyrus campaigns for Idiot of the Year Award by finally sleeping the sex worker who has been stalking him (let's be real).  Let's talk about this for a hot minute: you're the White House Chief of Staff and you're approached by a sex worker.  Isn't there some simpleton's 101 which decrees you turn and flee in the opposite direction?

Speaking of the White House, Mellie's meltdown continues in yet another humiliating while Fitz is back to drinking and not remembering Abby's name.  On the upside, we seem to be back to the case of the week format.

State of Affairs...get here already.


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