Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

I don't even know why I bother anymore.

On the one hand, Liv appears to be back.  When a wealthy couple tries blackmail the Grants with a sex tape featuring their son with the Grants' daughter, Liv tears into them in a way we haven't seen since, like, Season One.  That was quite possibly the main highlight of last week's episode.

The Fails

#1 - Liv back in the White House on a job

I thought we'd established that that was one thing which did not need to happen anymore.  When Karen Grant escapes her Secret Service guards and flees to a party 500 miles from school, things quite predictably go South.  Whom does she call?  Liv.  Who rushes to her rescue?  Liv.

Who thanks Liv by trying to have sex with her in the Oval Office?  Do I even need to dignify that one with a response?

#2 - More focus on Mellie

We get it, okay?  Mellie, Tragic First Lady, mourning her son, looking crazy.  Fine.  Mellie going all mushy and sobby with her daughter for making a sex tape and nearly devastating their family on an international scale?  Talk about kiddie gloves.  When young black girls who aren't related to any politicians, CEOs, or celebrities make a sex tape, they're branded the Whore of Babylon, and condemned for all eternity...along with their entire community.

The (very white) POTUS's daughter makes a sex tape and she gets...grounded?  Hugs?

And speaking of Mellie being crazy....

#3 - Cyrus the Clueless

Dude...why are you still fucking the sex worker?  And why am I surprised?  The Secret Service can't keep tabs on a college kid, so why shouldn't the Chief of Staff himself throw his career over some dick?

#4 - B613

Seriously, Shonda...terminate this shit already.

I thought we were hitting a "reset button" on Scandal.  Four episodes in and it's like Season Three never left.  If you recall, that was the Season of Shit.

Daddy Pope, wielding B613, frames Jake Ballard for the death of the Prez's son.  And since the Prez just learned Liv was living it up on an island beach with Jake, he doesn't hesitate to have Jakes arrested at once.

Why are we still giving a shit about B613?  It seems like when the writers have No Clue where to go with the story, they trot out either a tired Olitz sex scene or drama with B613...and speaking of Daddy Pope...Joe Morton, what the hell has happened to your acting skills?  Is this because Eureka was canceled?  Are you still reeling from that disappointment?  I know we are.

Final Verdict

If this ish gets renewed for a fifth season, it'll be based on pure hype.  Failures like these are a reason I'm currently rewatching shows like Angel and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


  1. wait wait wait wait he said "Smelly Mellie"!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! you have got to at least thank Shonda for that!! my god i missed that whole scene!!! i haven't watched this show since they killed off Harrison! it is last season all over again and as much as i was a Gladiator, i can't stomach another OliviaxFitz tryst, another OliviaxJake tryst (can Olivia please have some function in her conjunction? damn!), or another Huckxwhateverhernameistryingtomake'Fetch'happen tryst. this is dryer than two day old toast!!

    "and speaking of Daddy Pope...Joe Morton, what the hell has happened to your acting skills? Is this because Eureka was canceled? Are you still reeling from that disappointment? I know we are." -best line ever! I howled when i read this!

  2. My question is why is Liv so stupid? I watched last night's episode and she is clueless! I mean after working in DC and dealing with the people she does. How can she be so clueless?!?!?! I can understand if she was some girl from Kansas fresh off the farm, but come on.

  3. And I love that they have "Smelly Melly" walking around without makeup.


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