Gothic Sisters: Gladys of "MisSpelled" (@lacizee)

If you're not watching MisSpelled...I don't know what you're doing with your life.

This show has damn near everything we could ask for.  Curvy, all-brown, all-female cast, fabulous natural hair, awesome outfits, and wacky magical adventures. Actress/singer/writer Lindsey McDowell both create and wrote MisSpelled, AND stars as Gladys, a witch who has to watch what she thinks because whatever she thinks - and I do mean whatever she thinks - happens right away.

In fact, Gladys's difficulty controlling her power is sorta, kinda what sets things in motion.

MisSpelled has four episodes thus far, along with several supplemental videos, but if we want more, they need to raise $30,000. They've received 20% of their goal thus far, and since I'm dying to know what happens next, I'm pulling my weight every whichaway to help them get to their goal.

Let's help them reach that goal.


  1. I decided to take a look at the show after reading your post "at the bar" and ended up watching all four episodes. I have to say I love the premise of this show and the actresses. Most of the web series I come across featuring minorities are about relationships, which is fine but I like to see some variety so this is definitely a refreshing change. I only wish the episodes were longer. :(

    1. I just hope they meet their goal. I need to know what happens next, and I too want longer eps.


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