Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pope

Houston...we have some serious problems.

Let me begin by saying HTGAWM remains an extremely entertaining show, and Viola Davis is a consistent force of nature.  In short, she's not the problem.

But I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out why Annalise Keating didn't drop her husband the first time he stuck his dick in someone else (during their marriage, that is).  Like...this man left another woman for her, then once he got married to her, he kept fucking other people (seriously, in this episode she snaps at him about his "white whore", causing my promptly jaw to hit the floor).

You're telling me the brilliant and formidable Annalise didn't realize it was time to drop this fool?  She's the one in the papers.  She's the celebrity of the town, and with her client roster and prestigious teaching gig, you know she makes bank.

Why not drop the husband and bang the detective full-time?  Or another defense attorney?  Or someone from the seven-figure spectrum of her list of clients?  What is so important about Sam Keating to this woman?

Turns out, she "needs" him.  Despite everything, she "loves" him.  For those of you who didn't watch this past episode, she actually breaks down at the end and confesses all this to him...'causing me to wonder what really shitty weed the writers were smoking.

Let me tell you how far Scandal has sunk.

The most interesting storyline in this past week's episode was when Liv tried to prove the innocence of an alleged political assassin who attempted to kill a president thirty years ago.  Turns out, he actually did try to kill the president, he just needed Liv to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt so he could properly take his seat at the "assassins' table."

Other than that, it was business as usual.  Cyrus being short-sighted and getting played by the sex worker, Mellie being back on the saddle and in it all for herself, Fitz being useless...and Liv having a really stomach churning dream in which she's screwing a lover who alternates back and forth between being Jake and Fitz.

And swimming...she's also dreaming about swimming, and the dream ends when she swims to the edge of the pool and finds Daddy Pope glaring down at her and saying, "For God's sake, Olivia, wake up."

Seriously, Liv...wake up.  And by Liv, I mean the writers.  And Shonda.  Seriously, everyone attached to the White House needs be demoted to a guest star, and we need to get back to cases because the storyline with the political assassin was actually interesting...amusing as hell ("Now get me the electrical chair.  I don't want any of that lethal injection crap!")


  1. -Like...this man left another woman for her, then once he got married to her, he kept fucking other people (seriously, in this episode she snaps at him about his "white whore", causing my promptly jaw to hit the floor).

    You jaw wasn't the only one that hit the floor at that comment, BUT like Tori Spelling found out the way you get a man is the way you lose him. It cracks me up that women never think that hey if he is doing this to her what is stopping him from doing it to me.

    -Why not drop the husband and bang the detective full-time?
    Because the detective is also married so she would be going from one train wreck to another who doesn't mine screwing her and screwing her over. She would have to be stupid to screw a client. But for some reason it seems like she might be going after Wes. When she was rubbing on his chest it just seemed like more to me.

    -Turns out, she "needs" him. Despite everything, she "loves" him.

    I could not understand this since they are professors. Not politicians. Then I thought about it. Hillary and Bill Clinton. A lot of people wondered why Hillary didn't dump him after Cigar-gate. She needed him for her senate run and presidential run. Annalise and Sam are professors and other than a grading scandal who cares about college professors. BUT Annalise is a lawyer. I highly doubt that someone so ambitious is going to settle for JUST being a lawyer. She probably wants to be a judge and not just any judge, but a Supreme Court Justice. And just like Hillary she has to play the game.

    1. You know what...Sam dies. Sam Keating dies and we can just take comfort in that.

    2. Unless its s soap opera type death.

    3. ...I was afraid you might say that.

      But his corpse was hacked and torched so I'm thinking he's dead for sure.

    4. Or he has a twin brother who was killed instead Or this is one of those Lost type deals and they are all dead...okay I'll stop now!

  2. At this point I'm convinced this is personal. They are doing Kerry Washington wrong on Scandal!

    It's a mess...why is the WH still so prominent if Olivia is not there, I love Fitz but really? So many people on the cast and they keep giving them shine (joke, Mellie, quinn). Also why isn't Olivia investigating Harrison's death? Why is Rowan still around? Why does Olivia never stick up for herself? Where is Olivia backstory?

    Scandal had so much potential in S1 & S2. When Judy Smith stopped doing promo I should have known.

    Scandal = Missed Opportunities.

  3. A lot of decent shows this season have gone down hill. I used to love Revenge, but this season I fast forward through most of it. I think honestly most networks want to move to reality shows because that is where the money is and its cheaper to run. They are just creating slow deaths for "regular" shows to get them out of the way.

  4. I thought a "reset" button was hit.

  5. Momma Pope is coming back for the mid-season finale!

  6. The end of that ep of HTGAWM, was her defending the guy in court. The ending didn't truly add anything to me. The guy who was unjustly placed in prison was such a great actor. His tears. I feel like this episode was all her and didn't have anything to do with her husband and I liked that they saved the whole break down till the end. I didn't care for the whole "I need you," because I don't get that Sam needs her in return.


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