Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pope

This was not an Annalise-heavy episode.  This was a Wes-and-Rebecca-heavy episode and I am so, so, so very glad that I'm not the only one who's sick of these two.  Especially since Alfred Enoch finally got a sex scene, finally showed off that fabulous, smooth caramel body...only to have it juxtaposed with an autopsy.


Meanwhile, I'm not too thrilled/impressed with Annalise's decisions this week.  Her attempt to get someone to take the fall for Lila Stangard's murder is NOT going well; Detective Nate Lahey is already onto her and Rebecca is proving to be a particularly difficult and troubled client.  Which makes perfect sense because when she's cuddling Wes and he's rattling off things about himself, he's all like, "Favorite food, favorite color, mom killed herself when I was twelve, allergic to blah, blah, blah...."

And speaking of Wes...do we have ANY idea why Annalise is so fond of this train wreck??  Did I miss something?  Aside for the unscripted chest-rubbing in the pilot and his relatively lackluster performance as a law student (#Waitlist), what exactly is it about this boy which intrigues her so?  Like, in terms of their relation to each other, what purpose does he serve?

Because when we look at Annalise's track record, she seems to have a thing for useless men.  Adulterous husband, adulterous ex-boyfriend, and now idiot student with attachment issues.  Are the writers doing this deliberately?  Are they, like, trying to tell us something about Annalise?

Scandal was rather entertaining this week, mainly because Liv went into Ruthless Mode and hired a prison guard to "shiv [Tom] within an inch of his life" (Source) and make it look like the order came from her father.  Once Tom was convinced Daddy Pope was out to get him, he sang like a jaybird for Liv who recorded his confession and played it for Fitz.

Presto...voila...freedom for Jake.

Um, haven't we already seen something like this before?  Jake, Fitz, and Olivia teaming up to take down Command/Daddy Pope?  Like...remember how well that went the last time they took this man on?

Where exactly is the reset button here?

There were some interesting moments in this episode, particularly where Tom refers to Olivia as the "face that launched a thousand ships."  As romantic and flattering as that sounds, let's recall the original myth of Helen of Troy, a woman who was beautiful, true, but also property married off to man she didn't know and didn't love (Menelaus).  And when she ran off with Paris of Troy, a man she chose to be with, it started a war.

*blink* Sound familiar?

Liv's father consistently refers her as his "thing", his treasured, his most prized creation, etc.  He sent in Jake to seduce her to break up Olitz.  Imagine that...your own father sending in a man to fuck you.  Then there's the way Fitz also treats Liv like property, someone to be summoned when he wants, silenced when he wants, and banished when he wants (I guess some women really do go for men like their fathers, no matter how dysfunctional they are).  And the moment Liv decides to a choose a man - regardless of the man - another man automatically declares war.  She chooses Fitz and her father calls in the troops.  She chooses Jake and Fitz goes nuclear.

Abby got some shine in this ep and some triumph over her ex-husband, and Cyrus finally confirmed once and for all that his new little sex toy is flapping his yap and leaking info. Mm-hm.  The general consensus is that this dude just signed his own death warrant.

Huck and his son finally met, so I hope the next episode takes a much-needed break from the most tired love triangle in TV history.


  1. Best Scandal episode since 3x01. It felt like S2, it was good. Notice it was in the WH but didn't revolve around the WH. It was about OPA and spent 5 mins on others. See scandal stick to what made the show. Only downside I was hoping for flashbacks, while I didn't want to see Abby being abused I wanted that scene where Olivia takes a tire iron to his kneecaps!

    SSA Tom killed that scene it was so good. Kerry was good as always. They keep harping on how joke is innocent, red herring maybe??? I need Rowan and Joke to kill each other.

    Cyrus buh bye! Huck and Javi is not going to end well ( I hope it does).

    I refuse to watch HTGAWM until season 4, I can't deal with another disappointment. I see some classic shondaland tropes and I can't.

  2. That is a horrible picture of Kerry Washington. Please tell me it's one of Madame Tousseaud's figures.


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