Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt

OMG, Sam Keating is such a piece of shit.

Or should I say "was".  It's been a good long while since I've been this glad to see someone get got on a TV show.  Let me get this out of the way first: Rebecca didn't kill Sam.  Wes did in the office with the trophy.

And when he tells the bloody corpse he's sorry, Annalise - calmly watching from her desk - coolly tells him, "Don't be."

Behold the instant redemption of Annalise Keating.  I knew my girl wasn't no punk bitch.  Every woman has a threshold, and after these past two weeks, she sure as hell crossed hers.

Let's recap: Sam Keating cheated on his first wife and left her for Annalise.  He then screwed his students while married to Annalise.  Then, when Bonnie - Annalise's odd blonde associate - had a chat with Sam about Lila's murder and being pregnant at the time of death, he played on her emotions, begging her to have his back once again...and kissed her.  And he did this during a murder investigation caused by his adulterous tendencies.

He also did this after a particularly vicious argument with Viola, in which he called her "foul", a "disgusting slut", and that the only reason he ever spoke to her was that he saw her as a "piece of ass" who he'd knew would put out.  Sam says the only thing Annalise was good for was the rough, nasty sex he wanted but always too ashamed to say loud.

Did I mention he chokes her in this scene?  Sooooooooo glad this man is dead.

Now after Sam kisses/tries to manipulate Bonnie, ever the dutiful soldier, Bonnie goes back to Annalise and tells her everything that happened, tearfully insisting that Sam is not a good man.  For whatever reason, Annalise promptly fires her (seriously, I didn't understand that part but I chalk it up to fury).

Anyways, the winter finale ends with Annalise solidifying her alibi by screwing Nate Lahey (nice ass, Detective!) and Annalise prepping her students to help them get away with murder.

There have been hints of a greater storyline for Michaela over the last three weeks and I felt I should say something.

It turns out that her fiance's family thinks she's backwater swamp trash and don't want her marrying their son without a prenup.  Michaela almost slaps her future mother-in-law, but in the finale she comes back, apologizes, and hands Mrs. Walker (Lynn Whitfield looking magnificent, by the way)  a signed prenup.

Um...I don't get it.

Michaela lost her engagement ring while covering up a murder scene, so she plans to explain that...how, now?  And if my future mother-in-law referred to me as trash while threatening to cancel my wedding...*blink*...do I even need to finish that sentence?

Besides, with the way Connor keeps teasing her about her fiance's sexuality...shouldn't she take the loss of her wedding ring as a sign from God?  I just get the feeling Connor knows way more about Aidan than Michaela does.


  1. Such an awesome episode!
    I reckon Bonnie is in love with Annalise. She said that Sam kissed her to give her what he THOUGHT she wanted. And remember a few weeks ago when she fucked up and Annalise said "blah blah...it's the only reason I tolerate your mousey presence in my house?" How crushed she was. Bonnie is bisexual, but in love with Annalise...or she was fucking Sam on the side way back when...but my money is on Annalise having her heart.
    I think Michaela signed the pre nup to secure her future after getting involved in murder. Like Wes she comes from nothing, she's smart and she knows she has to let go of some airs as her future could go in a whole other direction.

  2. Bonnie is totally in love with Annelise, in a previous episode she said she'd do anything for her. Michaela signed the prenup to have one less source of drama in her life plus having a powerful/rich family backing her might come in handy if she gets into trouble.

    1. Bonnie is totally in love with Annelise

      Wow, boo-boo...that hadn't even occurred to me.

  3. @Jellybean14/@modest-goddess

    THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one that thought Bonnie has a thing for Annalise. At first I thought maybe there was a freaky threesome going on between the three and still don't rule it out. Probably why she went to the cops and spilled the beans about Lahey. She wanted to get him out of the way so she would have one less person to deal with.

    I did not like the fact of Lahey and Annalise getting it on though. She traded one POS man for another one. Not cool or smart.

    1. Oh as for Michaela I think she is an idiot to marry that guy after finding out about his history. I'm guessing she is just making moves to climb the ladder. And I wouldn't count on her mother-in-law having her back.

    2. Somewhere in all of this ruckus, Michaela loses her engagement ring. (Pause.) Baby girl, all signs point to God not wanting you to marry this man. You’re already uncomfortable with his sexual history. You almost slapped his mother over the prenup. And now you’ve lost the engagement ring while covering up the body of the man you kind of helped murder. You might need to let this train pass and wait for the next one.

      ~ Akila Green


    3. You almost slapped his mother over the prenup.-Okay did she lose her mind? Mama (Lynn Whitfield was the PERFECT PERSON for this role) look like she wasn't above handing out an a** beating!

      And I know its TRADITION that parents pay, but if you can't afford to pay for your own wedding then maybe you shouldn't be getting married.

    4. You almost slapped his mother over the prenup.-Okay did she lose her mind?

      My jaw was on the floor for that. What was she thinking? Who does that? I get that in-laws/potential in-laws can be pain, but you never try to slap your fiance's mother!!!!

      I suspect there's more to Michaela than we've been told, and by that, I mean it's likely she's not the spoiled Prom Queen we've been led to believe she is.

    5. You don't even see white girls trying that!

      I think there is more to her also. She is a little bit TOO ADAMANT about marrying this dude.

  4. I dunno. Maybe Michaela is pregnant? That could lead to whole mess of trouble if she doesn't have the means to take care of the baby. And since she is very status conscious she wouldn't want it known, especially to her in-laws, that she could wind up having the baby before the nuptials are even finalized. Of course given that the other characters have personal connections/draws with others in spite of the messy murder situation Michaela definitely needs something solid for herself. And I was thinking it would be difficult to explain the missing ring if she called off the wedding entirely. At least now she may have time to try to replace it or something. *shrugs*

  5. I don't think she would be that stupid to get pregnant even by accident. She is OCD about her plans.

  6. Cicely Tyson is rumored to be joining for an episode or two when mid-season hiatus is over.

  7. Congrats to Viola for the People's Choice Award win.

  8. I'm late on this, I know, but I want to comment. I like this TV series, I watched the whole 1st season.

    "For whatever reason, Annalise promptly fires her (seriously, I didn't understand that part but I chalk it up to fury). "

    Right! I was like "huh? Did Annalise want to protect Bonnie or did she fear that Bonnie would end up being his mistress?"

    And the dealer girl...all of that because of her...what did she expect when she ran up into his room?? And Wes doing anything for her is making me a bit uneasy.

    As for Connor's sex buddy...I like him, cute and all that ^^ I just wish he wouldn't have let Connor come back to his life (that easily), *sigh*.

    I don't really care about Michaela, for some reason. She's too concerned about getting married which I find boring so I didn't think much about her. She's scarier than I thought though.


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