Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Okay, so I owe you two weeks and I gotta say: lame, lame, blasphemous.

Quick FYI: my uncle is my guinea pig; we meet on Saturdays to test my more creative recipes and dissect shows we watch.  The Uncle is straight up flabbergasted by what's going on with Olivia Pope and her willingness to kill her own father, 'cause yeah...this show went there.

Let me reiterate once more that the writers on this show seem to be at war with one another.  On the one hand, Mama Pope (who's back, by the way) and Daddy Pope are as different as night and day, yet when it comes to Liv and her white boys  the White House, they couldn't be more in sync: Fitz and Jake have got to go.

And yet, the writers think it's acceptable that a Black female star of her own show - a rarity, my Uncle kept pointing out - should kill her own father.  The same who sent her to all the best schools and has, in his own way, protected his daughter.  How many Black fathers and mothers would love to be able to educate their children comfortably, to send them abroad to sunny islands across crystal waters at whim.

This is the problem I've had with Liv ever since her father was introduced to the show.  Olivia Pope is not Meredith Grey.  She's a brown girl, and as educated as she is, she knows brown people history.  Ergo, she knows - or at least should know - that whining about Mommy and Daddy issues is a spoiled white girl's luxury.  I get that Shonda Rhimes is famous for her colorblind casting, but let's be realistic about this.  If Daddy Pope was my Daddy, or the Daddy of your average Black woman in America, complaints would not be in order.  I'd have a mansion in Manila, a high-rise in Seoul, a coastal villa in Thailand, and the hottest brown men in the world on my speed dial.

What I would not be doing, however, is mooning over the likes of Jake and fucking Fitz.

The winter finale ends with the Vice-President kidnapping Olivia in order to force Fitz to declare war.  *rolls eyes*

Betchu that wouldn't have happened if Daddy Pope hadn't lifted his protection, huh?


  1. Last weeks episode kinda sickened me.

    I really struggled with Olivia. Mind you, that she's having problems with her parents but to banish them from the face of the earth like she wants them to be? no.. no.

    Your uncle is more than right with this one. I just cannot she myself doing that for any man especially one man who you know isn't going to leave his wife and the other one who may end up killing you later on if you make him mad.( I really thought that Jake would have been a better suitor for Olivia,but I'm starting to lose my faith with him.). Olivia may have had a dysfunctional life,but her parents haven't tried to have her killed. Ok, her folks are have been a disappointment for her,but would you kill them? I wouldn't. I just wouldn't have any thing to do with them. But there is no way in heaven that I would have my folks killed for no good men. Let the law or god take care of them.

    Another thing that I find incredibly annoying about some Scandal episodes is the "S" word. Do you notice that when it comes to the love scenes it's not called " making love" or even " having sex"..Olivia is always " screwing " her men? Though that is what Olivia is basically being done that way..still..why can't Shonda call it making love. To me, it makes Olivia look cheap. T hough she shouldn't have an affair with a married man, I would rather say they're having an affair or making love that to say they're screwing each other. Screwing is what dogs are supposed to do. Even with Jake being a single man, she's not making love with him..they're screwing each each other. Shonda should throw that term from the show.

    If there is anything I liked from last weeks episode is Huck's situation with his son and his wife. The only unrealistic thing about his is having your son around in governmental situations like the one his was in. Otherwise, I'm hoping that the plot comes out with him. Far as his son, something tells me he's going to have a pivotal role in this somewhere..where I know know,but he's going to be key with Huck.

  2. So are we not acknowledging that he pulled the gun first? Or the other horrible things he has done to her?

    Why do people act like Rowan was a great father? This is the man who:

    sent her to boarding school after her mum died, had her fiance hurt, ordered Jake to sleep with her and record, distributed that recording, blackmailed her into having dinner with him, killed harrison, let her believe her mother was dead twice and killed a child because he wanted to control her life.

    Both Mama & Papa Pope are horrible parents and deserve no loyalty.

    I want more from Scandal. I also need them to stop lifting scenes from greys anatomy it's not cute. The acting and directing on Scandal is always good, they need better material.

    1. parental control stems from the need to protect their child. unfortunately for some parents, that need to protect comes from a very warped, misguided place. just something to keep in mind.

  3. while i do agree that Mommy and Daddy Pope are horrible humans and awful parents, their one and only child should not be the one to put them out of their misery or have anything to do with putting them out of their misery, especially for the two men that are in Liv's life. that is one of the few reasons i can't watch this show. i also think killing Harrison left a huge plot hole that the writers are trying to fill with bs storytelling. why couldn't Shonda just replace Columbus Short? there are tons of unknown and relatively unknown Black actors who would love the chance to shine in a show like this and they really could have explored Harrison's character like they originally planned to do this season. The FitzandLiz Tango is old and tired, the JakeandLiz jig i couldn't even get jiggy with from the beginning. i'd love to see Liv in a loving, functional relationship where she and her man are kicking down doors, taking names, and chewing bubble gum at the same time, but i guess that's too much to ask.

    1. I totally agree, Olivia shouldn't be the one to kill him. My issue is that people act like she should have some unfailing loyalty to him because he is her father and that's not the case.

      There has been a shift in Scandal since S3 and it's not something good. Notice all the black characters they bring on die and the white characters are there for 5 episodes. And also what's the point of having Kerry Washington as your lead when you are not her talents. Olivia still doesn't get to express her emotions and feelings, while Mellie got four episodes with Bellamys overacting.

      Also why do transgressions against Olivia never corrected except when it's Fitz. Joke, Mellie, Cyrus and OPA talk to her reckless and silence.

      Part of the reason I'm an Olitz fan is the wealth of drama and story lines that could've happened before scandal turned into a Alias rip-off.

      I've been over shonda since she implied that S3 was a mess because Kerry was pregnant.

      At this point in time I'm watching because I'm a Kerry & Tony fan.

    2. I don't think people are acting like she should have an unfailing loyalty. I think people want her to simply have an understanding with him. She goes her way, and he goes his...and for the record, he was right about the men in her life (except for the Senator). She could do so much better than Fitz.

    3. I don't think he like the other men in her life will ever just leave her alone.

      As for her doing better a lot of "real life" women commit the same stupidity. So in a way its reflecting real life.


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