Candice Patton, You Have My Attention (@candicekp)

For weeks I was avoiding The Flash, until a reader told us Candice Patton was starring as Iris West, a passionate, ballsy blogger and the implied love interest of the titular hero (implied as in, "will be eventually").  And since said hero is a lanky, adorkable nerd with a seriously deep (and currently unrequited) crush on Iris, I figured...what the hell?

Finally...a BW/WM pairing that I can get behind.  Do you know how rarely that happens?

It's actually a very entertaining show, even when the eps that aren't so great sometimes (how weird is that?).  I credit the casting; there are some seriously awesome actors on this show.  Also, it's based on a comic book and when handled correctly, they are the best source material.  They tend to stick to the classics/basics: Shy Geek Loves Girl...but can't tell her (for whatever reason).  Geek then has an accident which makes him Super-Geek.  Geek loves Girl but still doesn't tell her that he's now Super-Geek.

Geek accidentally triggers steamy romantic moments while romancing Girl in Super-Geek mode*.

Gets us every time.

I have nominated Cin to do her BGNO.  *meaningfully looks at Cin*

*Don't ask me how come Girl never seems to notice right off the bat the Geek is also Super-Geek. *shakes head*


  1. Okay I haven't watched this show, but I do know DC Comics is trying to stage a fight against all the Marvel shows/movies that are out.

    Is that his voice or is he trying to disguise it from her? Its kind of annoying.

  2. He uses his speed to disguise his voice.

    The flash is a good show. Iris and Joe West are the best things about it. Jesse L Martin is Joe west and he grounds the show, every scene he is in.

    Iris is an actual character, who has relationships outside of Barry, has a back story and can kick ass. She's a girly girl, happy, playful, and I love it

    1. The handling of her characterization has been extremely clever. By making Iris and Barry foster siblings, they have to flesh out her background along with his.

      I don't care much for the Detective boyfriend at this point because he's clearly a plot device in that regard; someone who's simply blocking Barry. Because if you think about it, there's no reason at this point that Iris and Barry shouldn't already be sexing each other senseless.

      These two have got me reading fanfiction again, y'all.


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