NBC, Clearly You Don't Do This Very Well

"Whaaaaaat have I gotten myself into???"
I promise to write about our Thursday night ladies here soon but I've been needing to digest the pilot State of Affairs.

SOA, as you may recall, is not another hit from ABC.  SOA hails from NBC, the folks who gave us the train wreck to end all other train wrecks, Deception (*shudders*).  The pilot for SOA showed us they haven't lost their touch.

To be fair, the problem is not Alfre Woodard (obviously); woman is 62 this year and looking flawless.  But I don't think she should get too comfortable in that Oval Office; I've yet to read a single glowing review of this show, and in typical fashion, the blame is being heaped upon Katherine Heigl when it's the writers who have ultimately failed.

In addition to a flimsy plot and a lackluster supporting cast, something which really rubbed me the wrong way was how the writing tried ever so desperately to force the two leads together.  They reaaaally, really, really wanted us to believe that the POTUS and Heigl love each other to pieces and are "family".  Every endearment and tender tone just seemed way too contrived, much like the "friendship" between Joanna Locasto and that dead chick on Deception.  Woodard and Heigl have zero chemistry in that regard and it hurts to watch them try.

Also, I'm once again not digging the excessive focus on the white lead; treating Meagan Good like an afterthought on her own show was the fail that kept on failing, and it seems we're getting another dose of that now.  Alfre Woodard has been acting since Katherine Heigl was born - literally since Heigl was born.  Woodard began acting in 1978, the exact year Heigl was born.  Wikipedia actually divides Woodward's career up by the decade.  Ergo, she should not be Heigl's Mammy.  She shouldn't have minimal screen time, and her role as President of the United States needs to be more than just bait.

Step it up, NBC.  I've already forgotten 95% of the pilot.  The 5% I do remember is Alfre Woodard.


  1. Something tells me this isn't going to be around much longer.

    1. Two eps in and this show is its last legs. I made it 20 minutes into the second episode and had to switch to Frasier just to wake back up.

  2. Hand it to NBC and they'll make a disaster of it.

  3. And now it's bringing up the old wounds between Heigl and Rhimes.

    ...The friendship the pair enjoyed soured in 2008 when Heigl, who starred in Grey's Anatomy, withdrew herself from contention in the annual Emmy Awards because of what she felt was poor writing on the show.

    ...At the time, the remark was seen as a thinly-veiled criticism of Rhimes, who created and wrote Grey's Anatomy.

    Rhimes, who has since become one of the most powerful television producers in Hollywood, adding Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder to her slate of hit shows, later told Oprah Winfrey Heigl's words "stung".

    ...In 2012, Rhimes fired back saying her new series, Scandal, had a "no a--hole" policy.

    "I did learn some very difficult lessons in the past about not vetting people and finding yourself with groups of people who don't gel, as we know," Rhimes said.

    She drew more direct aim earlier this year in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying of Scandal, "there are no Heigls in this situation."

    "I don't put up with bullshit or nasty people. I don't have time for it," Rhimes said.


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