Black Girls' Night Out: Iris West

In the last two episodes of The Flash, we saw Barry lose his powers, Iris defeat the Clock King and the Flash and the Green Arrow go at it in a crossover for the ages (#Flarrow).

Iris continues to be an absolute delight, and I've got to say, I'm loving Candice Patton's portrayal of her.  She's smart, funny, supportive, headstrong and they aren't afraid to show that two decent men are head over heels in love with her.  Her origin story is continuing to move along, and I'm hoping the writers continue to do right by her. As we all know, Hollywood has a dismal track record with characters of color, especially black women (see Person of Interest, Twisted, and most recently, Sleepy Hollow), so I'm going to continue to watch with enjoyment but will definitely keep an eye out for any oncoming bullshit.

And although I immensely enjoy her scenes with The Flash, I'd rather her find out Barry's secret sooner rather than later.  The whole "keeping her in the dark for her own good" thing will get old really quickly if they drag it out for too long.  I've heard that she's supposed to find out soon, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll find out by the end of tomorrow's mid-season finale.

With that said, on to the first episode.

"Power Outage" (1x07)

What I liked most about this episode is that Iris got to be a badass.  Again.  At the end of the prior episode ("The Flash is Born"), Iris got to deliver the finishing blow to Girder, and in this one, she got to take down the Clock King.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Barry loses his powers when this week's villain Blackout, a baddie that needs to feed on electricity, drains him of his super speed.  He spends most of the episode trapped at Star Labs with the Scooby Gang, trying to stay one step ahead of Blackout who's come to the facility to get revenge against Harrison Wells for causing the accident that made him into a metahuman and killed his friends.  Barry does eventually get his powers back and saves Wells from being killed (which he may or may not end up regretting later depending on who Wells turns out to be).

Back at the police precinct, a handcuffed Clock King is being escorted to lock up.  When a Blackout induced power outage causes the station to go dark, he manages to grab a gun and take everyone hostage.  Iris is sure that the Flash will come and save them all (which includes Joe and Eddie), but takes matters into her own hands when Clock King intends to make his escape using her as collateral.  As he's dragging her down a darkened hallway toward the helicopter he has waiting, she pulls out the gun that she's liberated from a wounded Eddie's ankle holster. 

Although we only hear the shot rather than see it--leaving no one really guessing who'd actually been shot although the show probably wanted us to--we later see Clock King limping away with a wounded leg.  Ha! 

When a frantic Barry arrives at the police station, the look on his face when he sees that she's okay  made my heart swell.  The happiness, relief and love that played over his features were extremely well done by Grant Gustin.  Very effective.

In another effective scene at the end of the episode, Flash pays Iris a visit in the hospital where she's keeping a very high Eddie company.  He apologizes to her for not being there when she needed him, and then Iris delivers what's probably my favorite line of the episode: "A girl's gotta be her own hero every now and again."  Flash promises never to be late again and tells her that she's worth being on time for.  Iris mentally swoons and Flash races off.  She's so flustered that she forgot the coffee she'd left to get, and Barry, who's zipped back into Eddie's hospital room as himself, smirks knowingly as she smiles in embarrassment. 

"Flash vs. Arrow" (1x08)

This was the big crossover episode with a lot of Flash fighting with Arrow and Barry going off on Oliver Queen.  Since Iris doesn't know Barry's super secret superhero identity yet, she wasn't too involved in the big action, however, some important things did happen that will have big impacts on the future episodes.

Able to express himself as The Flash in a way he's not able to do as himself, Barry has basically been romancing Iris as his alter ego.  Caitlin warns him against this, telling him that he doesn't want to be the cause of her breaking up with Eddie.  For her part, I'm not sure that Iris minds all that much as the sexual tension between herself and The Flash is palpable whenever they're on screen together.

Barry gets zapped by the big bad of the episode Prism, who is able to affect people's emotion by making them rage.  He goes off on his boss, Joe, and his Star Labs teammates, and Iris before finally settling the bulk of his rage on Eddie in the form of an massive ass-kicking.  He pulls the detective out of a moving car and beats him to within an inch of his life in front of a shocked and appalled Iris. 

Eddie finally got the task force approved that he'd been trying to get all episode to stop the Flash, and Iris told a visibly upset Flash not to contact her anymore.  As it's been noted on Tumblr and Twitter, this is Barry and Iris' second break up and they're not even dating. 

Tomorrow night's mid-season finale is finally going to bring Flash face-to-face with his arch-nemesis the Reverse Flash, so it'll be interesting to see if Joe finally tells Barry that he threatened Iris. 

Interviews by Grant Gustin have indicated that Barry is going to tell Iris some much needed truths.  Personally, I hope it's the latter because I really don't like the fact that everyone else knows his secret but her.  Narratively speaking, I can understand why they did it, but I don't want them dragging it out until the end of the season.  She needs to find out sooner rather than later.  Here's hoping that "sooner" is tomorrow night.


  1. She looks amazing in that pic.

    Right now, I'm simply over everything and can't get geared up to watch much TV after the utter disappointment of SH.

  2. You know, I don't like how people are acting as though Iris's growth and identity solely depend upon her learning the Flash's secret. She's in a relationship, in school, got a part-time gig, got a popular blog, has friends - she has a life, has been having a life, even Barry went into a coma.

    I can honestly commend the writers on what they've done so far, but her whole life doesn't revolve around him.


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