"Hell, No"

So I'm having this serious awestruck moment with the widow of Eric Garner, Mrs. Esaw Garner.

You know how these murderous cops/vigilantes have the gall to get on TV or in front of a crowd and talk that bullshit about "Sorry for your loss, blah blah blah, your family's in my prayers, blah blah blah, hope you can accept this toilet paper apology, blah blah blah"?

Mrs. Garner had a more than appropriate response:


Don't me get wrong, if people want to forgive those who've trespassed against them because it lifts a weight, then they should do what they gotta do. But it's always good to see and hear someone like Esaw Garner who's not trying to hear that bull, and who vehemently and openly rejects those patently hollow statements.


  1. They dare to ask for an apology or forgiveness while they twist every which way to say her husband caused his death, and not the ones who choked the life out of him? They're on some "It Wasn't Me" b.s., but they're asking for some 'turn the other cheek'?

    Wow, they're full of it.

  2. The nerve of Daniel of trying to insult Mrs.Garder's intelligence. Anybody can see through his poor excuse of an apology. If he was so sorry as he said he was,why didn't he stop when Eric said " I can't breathe and if he sooo sorry, why didn't he learn his lesson before being sued twice over for harassing/brutalizing two other people?( Source:New York Daily News) Please! and he wonders why Eric's wife refused his apology? I can't blame her.

  3. if they were actually sorry the police wouldn't be trying to send the person who filmed the murder to jail


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