Black Girls' Night Out: Cookie Lyon (#Empire)

"Was I givin' you body?"

As entertaining as this show increasingly becomes, I'll admit it becomes harder to write about it simply because when it comes to Cookie Lyon...there are no words.  I mean, No Words.  I don't know if it's the writers or if Taraji Henson is simply ad-libbing this ish, but I can't count how many times my jaw hits the floor when Cookie steps on the scene.

Remember the rose she got for her anniversary?  The one that sent her into a panic and drove her to put a hit out on the wrong man because the rose turned out to be from Lucious?

Aaaaaaaand remember how Lucious proposed to Anika practically just before leaving the rose for Cookie?  Well, as it turns out, Lucious is the exactly the type of douche to invite his ex-wife to his engagement party to Boo Boo Kitty Anika...after leaving a rose in remembrance to the anniversary he shared with said ex-wife.

Courtesy of Cin:

Do you see what I mean when I say there are no words for this woman???

After grouchily (and loudly) slurping her champagne and angrily flicking roses across the table, a fed up Cookie shows she's the type who's willing to go back to the man who let her rot in prison for 17 years...wearing nothing but lingerie and a fur coat.

I'm impressed with how quickly she recovers though; Cookie heads right back to business promoting her son's music and steadily raising him to star status. When Jamal's boyfriend Michael starts noticing Jamal is getting tougher, more focused, less romantic, Cookie flat-out tells Michael to prepare himself because fame changes people.  She also makes it clear to Jamal that she would prefer if he dated someone on his level.

Meanwhile, she hustles.  She gets a football player to tweet to his 5 million followers about Jamal's new track.  And he only does it because he finds the Cookie-Porsha interactions to be hilarious.  Speaking of Porsha...Anika's actually trying to steal her from Cookie!  Can you believe that ish?  I can see her trying to poach Tiana back, but Porsha?  What the hell will the two of them even talk about?  Can you even see Porsha and Anika working together?

Cookie also gets Jamal a satellite radio interview Sway (portraying himself, of course) in which Jamal clumsily dodges the girlfriend question and pretends to be single.  *nods*  I'll be talking about that more At the Bar.

Another important development has to do with Hakeem.  After growing up without Cookie and being ditched by Tiana, Hakeem's taken the misogynistic route with his music, defended by Lucious and Anika who say women will be his biggest fans and that the lyrics "are clearly just metaphors".  Hakeem defends himself to Cookie, saying he only talks trash about women who've done him wrong first.

Some critics are wondering if the writers will explore this aspect of the anti-women lyrics in music.  I mean, are we shocked by Hakeem's dysfunctional way of relating to women?  Mom was gone all his life, Tiana broke his heart and I do think he was starting to fall for her, and one need look no further than his creepy-ass attachment to Camilla (seriously...Naomi Campbell...).  While I don't condone women-bashing in music, I do hope the psychology of these damaged man-children will be explored further.

I should add that Chocolate hunk Derek Luke is the new head of Empire security, and he and Cookie have a delicious flirtation.  *crosses fingers*  Let's hope it goes somewhere, and let's hope Somewhere is a good place.

And I would be remiss to mention Raven Symone's appearance at the very end with a baby girl every critic wants to steal, claiming she wanted to see "Daddy"...meaning Jamal.


  1. I'm really enjoying this show. I had my reservations but these last two episodes... *breath*

    Cookie is everything. And she is so unapologetic and I love it, she knows her talent and skills. From Jail to board member in what 6 weeks? Forget the brothers Cookie is going to be running Empire. Porsha may become a triple agent?

    Empire is exploring different topics and I'm here for it.

  2. Wow! what can I say? I couldn't believe what took place on Empire but Cookie went there..lol! I don't know if I had to gall to do what she did,but I probably would have told him to kiss my know what? lol!

    I cannot see Tiana ( love her hair) work for Anika. Tiana pictures me as a woman who prefer a person that is edgy..someone who knows the name of the game. Cookie knows the music industry and real life very well, Anika want to be like that,but isn't quite as worldly like she is. I wonder how next week will play out? I think that Luscious is a player,but at the end of the commercial, him and Cookie want to embrace each..then again it can be a trick though I believe they both still have some feelings for each other. I also can't wait until I see Jamal and the child that he's suppose to have ( something tell me it isn't his).

    I love Empire because it goes there and he does explore topics that some people afraid to touch. It also helps that some of his show..or maybe most of it consist of his life in terms of his homosexuality and how his loved ones dealt with. Taraji also said that Cookie is part of her actual upbringing by observing other people that reminded her of them.I'm looking forward to Wednsday.

    PS. I can't get over that little girl. She should have been my daughter/granddaughter( i'm at the age where I can be one..lol!). I wonder is she a child model. If not ,she should be.

    1. I cannot see Tiana* ( love her hair) work for Anika. Tiana pictures me as a woman who prefer a person that is edgy..someone who knows the name of the game.

      Do you mean Porsha?

  3. GIRL WTF???????????

    I'm watching the shit outta this show when the season wraps.


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