Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pope (#Scandal #HTGAWM)

Is it possible for a show to jump the shark more than once?

This was a bad idea.  The kidnapping was a bad idea.  The "Helen of Troy" theme has officially overstayed its welcome, and now Scandal has no hope ever getting back to what it could have been.  And because the nature of the show has changed, the title doesn't really make any sense anymore.  I mean, if Fitz was our president and we found out just a tenth of the drama going on behind the scenes, a "scandal" would be not only be the understatement of the century, but the very least of all our problems.

Last week ended with Liv getting herself auctioned off when she could have just stayed put and gotten rescued.  And the reason Liv is being auctioned off is that she got kidnapped.  And the reason she got kidnapped was that despite having a world-class terrorist for a mother, and covert ops god for a father, Liv couldn't fend off an attacker whom Quinn friggin' Perkins would've taken out in 30 seconds flat.

And since I have No Desire Whatsoever to dwell on this epic farce of a storyline, I'mma just cut to the chase: the Iranians win the bid by offering over a billion dollars in cold hard cash, and now instead of being excited about next week's episode, viewers are seriously doubting wondering aloud if Liv is really worth that much money, and asking when Mellie Grant's getting her spin-off now that she wants to run for President.

*blink* Why did we even bother?

Moving on....

Annalise Keating's cold calculating and maneuvering continue while HTGAWM's storyline is also starting to circle the drain.  Wrap it up, please.  No one gives a shit about Sam Keating.  Dude's death was a necessity.  By all means, skip ahead a few months after it's been resolved and then just tell us what happened with that ish, while showing us how everyone's moved on with their lives.

And move on they need to because people are getting boring.  We have made no progress with Michaela Pratt's character, and she was one of two main reasons I wanted to watch this show.  Wes Gibbins, a.k.a. Kid Wait-List, has moved on from his Rebecca obsession now that she's his unemployed girlfriend no longer on trial for murder (read: no longer a damsel in distress).  His new obsession is about what happened to the guy who lived in his apartment before him...like we give a shit.  Sure, Rebecca called the cops on the dude and he was never seen or heard from again, but I reiterate...we don't give a shit.

Connor seems to be having a nervous breakdown every week now and it's particularly irritating to see this fierce, sensual, unapologetic character go down like this.  I'd rather watch him emotionally - or physically - spar with with Oliver (portrayed by the glorious Conrad Ricamora) over their relationship and Connor's supposed drug problems.  And speaking of beautiful Asian men, can Laurel please get back to Arjun Gupta's magnificent self?  This we're-all-starting-to-panic holding pattern comes across as mere filler, and I'm ready for something to happen, damn it.

Detective Nate Lahey getting arrested doesn't count.  We already know it's a setup and he's not going to go down for this.  Though...I was impressed by how relaxed the Ice Princess Michaela was about it; she coolly watched an innocent man being hauled off to jail, and when her classmates objected, she reminded that Annalise was just keeping her promise to protect them - Zero Fucks Given.

Tongues are wagging across the web about how the show ended with Annalise curled on her bed crying for mommy, but I'm not buying it.  This is a woman who helps killers and drug dealers go free all day, every day.  She's finally free of her ball of shit husband, and she's got wealthy mob bosses hitting on her (spitting lines like "Chocolate and Italian wine pair well together").  I call bullshit.  This is a fake-out to keep us interested, and it's not a very good one.


  1. I got a confession to make about Scandal..I didn'tsee a lot of Scandal.not because of no unforeseen circumstances,but I just wasn't feeling it.

    Much as I want Shonda to continue her trek on being a successful producer/writer, Scandal is becoming a joke. I don't know( thinking about how Randy Jackson's voice saying it)..for me ,it getting a little far fetched and while I'm not saying some racy unknown things may be taking place with world governments, it's just taken away from the storyline at hand, it' been switched over to something that has nothing to do with Scandal. I agree with you about that.

    Maybe it's just me,but I'm slowly beginning to see a switch and bait with Kerry. It's almost as she's becoming yesterday's news. The only thing I found interesting about Scandal was her mom. Otherwise, I end up turning my channel because I became bored with it. Shonda needs to bring Scandal back to the Whitehouse.

    Ooh! how I want Viola Davis to dynamic actress that she is and she is truly that but I wasn't totally feeling HTGAWM. Honestly, Viola is who upholding the show and that is why I sometimes look at the show. While last week episode was a little better than Scandal, I was almost underwhelmed by it. Like you said, it's almost as they want the viewing audience to be interested by Sam's mysterious death and that's ok,but how about the other elements and people on the show ? they really need to be used? I was looking at the ratings for last week for both show and they seemed to have went down a little,which is not a total surprise to me.

    I was thinking about Empire and how successful that show is becoming but I dread saying that. Notice how everytime a show is quickly renewed it seems to fall apart in the second season. It all reminds me of people opening their own businesses. It is said that a business have to do well over 5 years in order for it to be considered to be a success. I'm beginning to feel the same about those shows. Maybe a truly successful show remains on air and/or high ratings by not the 1st or 2nd season of a show,but a third..that is what is what it seems like.

    You look at TV series like Sleepy Hollow. it was a wildly popular show..everything was great until the director decided that Katrina needed more attention than Abbie and you see where it is in the ratings. I just think that with some shows that are quickly renewed the writers/directors do the following they either get sloppy with their direction of writing and/or the network get rid of their best writers and get writers who are just writers with no life experience. With Shonda and her load of shows she writing, she's just getting sloppy and it's beginning to show. I'm hoping that this won't be Lee's mistake with Empire.

    1. I think Olivia has become the bait and switch for Mellie. Mellie wants to run for President, and now, she's infinitely more interesting than Olivia. The kidnapping should've been resolved as soon as we got back from the break, but I fear even that wouldn't have been enough to fix all this shows problems.

      We lost Henry Ian Cusick Chavez in Season 1, and his was a greater loss than I think most of us realize. We lost Harrison, we lost James, we lost the evolved Huck, we lost the plot, the vision, the fun, the humor, we're the losing the evil yet admittedly entertaining Cyrus, and now we're left with...what exactly?

      HTGAWM can still redeem itself if it just wraps the Sam Keating ish up quickly and gets back to fleshing out the backstories and personalities of its cast. It has an interesting cast, and I want to know more about them.

    2. I called this last year! The bait and switch for Mellie, all of S3. I miss OPA so much the dynamic between all if them was the best part of the show. Honestly the only reason I watch is for Kerry, but that's not enough anymore. My Olitz heart :(

  2. Watching Season 2 of Scandal on Netflix right now and wonder WTF happened.


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