Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt (#HTGAWM)

Last week's episode was powerful on multiple levels; to quote Madame Moire, it was a very "Black" episode.

Cicely Tyson joined the cast as Annalise's Keating mother (literally credited as Mama Keating, even though "Keating" is Annalise's married name).  Looking like she just got out the country, Mama Keating is no-nonsense, trash-talking, unapologetic, and in short, everything we would expect the mother of Annalise Keating to be.  Nothing she said surprised me, except when she called Annalise by her birth name: Anna Mae.

Mama Keating brought Annalise back to her roots, from reminding her of where she came through, the struggles of their family (like their house burning down), and even making Annalise sit between her knees like a little girl while she combed through her hair.

This show....

This show really touched me, especially when Annalise revealed she was molested as a child, and that she went to Dr. Sam Keating for therapy, where he instead decided to take advantage of her vulnerability (apparently, that's what he meant when he talked about the first day she walked into his office, and how he knew she'd put out.  Annalise was Sam's patient before she became his mistress...that sick fuck).

Annalise tears into her mother, demanding to know if she knew that "Uncle Clive" was molesting her daughter, to which Mama Keating clarifies that a lot of women in their family - herself included - were molested by men.  Mama Keating also reveals that the reason their house burned down in the first place was that she lit the place up and burned Uncle Clive to death.

The Ice Princess is back because this was her most commendable episode.  Week before last she was chill when Detective Nate Lahey got hauled off to jail instead of the her and the rest of the Keating 5.

Last week, however, her conscience returned with a quickness, and she started obsessing over all things Nate.  While Annalise was going through her depression, wallowing in her misery and self-loathing and leaving her cases to Bonnie and the Keating 5, Michaela Pratt was seriously stressing over Nate's well-being.

She has a fun "Connor" moment, and by that I mean she poses as a court stenographer and uses her feminine wiles to get info on Nate's status.  But later, when she actually sneaks into his arraignment, she's followed by Annalise who demands to know WTF she thinks she's doing.  Michaela voices her worries for Nate, stating he's innocent..."and black."  While she was initially confident in Annalise, reality is starting to hit.

Annalise helps Nate to find a new lawyer in a sly way, so it'll be interesting to see how that plays how.  However, I hear this week is the season finale and we still haven't wrapped up the Sam Keating/Lila Stangard drama which no one cares about.  *sighs*

Here's hoping HTGAWM doesn't pull a Sleepy Hollow and ruin its second season dragging its heels on some bullshit.


  1. One of the Best Episodes of HTGAWM, I've seen in a while. I just had to see that one with Cicely Tyson in it. Two great actresses= great dialogue but I had no idea all of that went on in Annalise's life. Her mom said that she's forget where she came from..or maybe running away from her past? I thought that it was touching and nostalgic when she was doing Annalise's hair..I guess bringing out the little girl moment and telling her mom who bullied her at school. This episode was powerful and worth watching.

    I'm hoping that they won't pull an SH either. Black people really do have to be careful of their idea of what their idea of " diverse " shows. They'll show the good parts from the beginning and will show the bad ones at the end

  2. I didn't care for the way her mother brushed off the molestation to me that was sick. Hey it comes with the territory of being a woman.

    1. Her mom didn't brush of Annalise's molestation, remember at end she tells Annalise she set her house on fire so the uncle that molested her would burn up with it.

  3. The last ep was really touching overall, indeed.


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