Black Girls' Night Out: Mary Jane Paul (#BeingMaryJane)

After a hiatus that seemed to last forever (nine months, but who's counting?), Being Mary Jane finally returned, and Ms. Paul showed up and showed out the entire episode.  It's a good thing that Gabrielle Union does such a good job of making Mary Jane so relatable and likeable, because that woman can really work a nerveAfter the events of the finale, she's still unraveling in a big way, and it doesn't look like she's going to be done anytime soon.

The episode begins with Mary Jane returning home from giving David back his stolen sperm sample.  She strips down to her underwear and then sweetly feeds her before throwing the entire fishbowl through one of her floor-to-ceiling windows, fish and all (RIP Starsky).  If the writers were trying to shock us, they succeeded and then some.  Despite outward appearances, MJ is a huge, messy mess.  And that becomes even more apparent during the next scene.

A friendly dinner party turns not-so-friendly when her brother shows up and they get into an argument about his mooching and her nagging.  And by nagging, I'm assuming he means "black woman nagging" because he cruelly insinuates that he can understand why David felt the need to replace her with a white woman.  Ouch.  It was definitely a low blow meant to hurt her, and boy did it.  She then goes on to verbally attack her friend Val (played by the lovely Salli Richardson-Whitfield) who'd decided to tell an ill-advised anecdote meant to ease the tension in the room.

I had a hard time feeling sorry for a drunk Mary Jane as she spends the next couple of days nursing a hangover and feeling sorry for herself (and hopefully feeling a little guilty).

We spend the next 35 minutes or so with Mary Jane as she harangues David's friends, looking for closure.  She wants to know how David met his girlfriend Ana, what kind of person she is and just what it is about her that makes her so damn special. 

She's 30 minutes late to a meeting that she set up so that she can apologize to Val, but ends up interrogating her which understandably makes Val uncomfortable and Mary Jane angry when she doesn't get any answers to her questions.  She insults Val again before storming out of the store.

See what I mean when I said she was working a nerve?  And she wasn't done yet.

Mary Jane actually shows up at Val's house relatively late at night to further interrogate her (and her unhappy husband Christopher) about David.  Again.  Christopher isn't having it and calls David (who's she's basically been avoiding the entire episode) and he finally tells her he's expecting a baby with his new girlfriend.  As expected, Mary Jane is devastated and goes home to sulk, then changes her mind when she gets there to find Neicy (who's moved in with her after getting into a fight with Mama Patterson) and her big brother arguing about that very fact. 

Instead of retreating to her room and pretending that her family isn't annoying her to hell and back, she goes to a hotel for a little peace and quiet.  And obviously, peace and quiet actually means calling David and inviting him over because once she wakes up from the nap she's taken, her ex is sitting beside her watching her sleep.  It's equally creepy and oddly endearing at the same time.

They talk for a bit, Mary Jane still trying to get that closure she's spent the better part of the episode looking for.  I think I'm most surprised when we find out that she'd been pregnant with David's baby in the past and had an abortion.  She's angry that he didn't try to talk her out of terminating the pregnancy, and now is all gung-ho about having a baby with someone else.  This leads to an admittedly hot make-out session, but Mary Jane wisely pulls back, lamenting that the baby that he's having with another woman should be theirs. 

Along with all her love drama, Mary Jane seems to be having an incontinence issue as well as she's been urinating in the bed at night.  Val tells her it's just stress, but many years of watching television tells me that there's probably more to it than that.  She also decides to go along with Kara's scheme to have her eggs extracted and frozen on live television because it's an idea she'd been playing with anyway, and if the studio is going to foot the bill for it, all the better. 

While she made me want to pull my hair out for most of the episode, I really did feel sorry for her when all was said and done.  I think we've probably all been in her shoes at least once, and while it's hard to live through that kind of heartbreak and desperation, it's nearly as hard to watch it happen.


  1. Girl...I appreciate you. I had to force myself to sit through Season 1 - I didn't even bother finishing the movie - and a I am SO glad you're taking this one for the team. Cuz I couldn't.

    Like...the David situation? OMG - let that one go, boo-boo. Whatever happen to good old-fashioned obsessing at home privately? We've all had our disappointments in life; self-destructing in public is never the way to go, yet Mary Jane seems to be a master of the public meltdown.

  2. I almost forgot about Being Mary Jane. At one point , I thought that the plug was pulled from this show? Anyways, I 'm going to watch it. The way Scandal is going..I need a alternative to it.


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