Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt (#HTGAWM)

Damn, the bodies just keep piling up on this show, don't they?

Week before last, How to Get Away with Murder had a 2-hour season finale which ended with the death of Rebecca (praise be).  Don't get me wrong, I seriously dig Kate Findley, I dig her Gothic-chic look on the show, but her character needed to go.

See...Sam Keating did kill Lila Stangard...he just used Frank to do it.  And Frank has been calmly standing around this whole time, batting his innocent eyelashes, never once mentioning that it was he who strangled Lila and dumped her body in the water tank.

And no...the rest of the cast still doesn't know.  Annalise and Wes still think Rebecca did it, but in one of their weird, teary mother-son scenes, they try to convince themselves it was Sam.

But, before all this, Annalise and her Keating 4 kidnap Rebecca and stash her in the basement beneath the law office while they try to pry the truth out of her.  Later, Annalise demands to know who released her because she's gone.  The finale ends with Annalise and Frank each asking the other who killed Rebecca and stashed her body further back in the basement (she deliberately lied to her students about the escape).

So far, my money's on Frank, but I wouldn't be surprised if either Michaela Pratt or Laurel Castillo did it.

You'll see what I mean.

'Cause the Ice Princess got to shine in the finale.

It was great to see her get up in Rebecca's face demanding to know WTF she did, and remind everyone that the only reason they all got into this mess was because of her.  She looked ready to cut a bitch.  She reveals that under the strain of drama, she lost her fiance (we knew that was coming) and that Aidan doesn't want to marry her anymore.

Funny...'cause she gets a call from Aidan's mother (Lynn Whitfield looking marvelous as always) begging her to do just that.

I too was surprised to see Miss Thang being all warm and welcoming, considering Michaela almost slapped her across the face the last time we saw them together.  But then Michaela tells her in-law-that-would-have been that 1) she's not returning the ring (after all, she can't, 'cause she lost it during the murder), 2) Michael confirms she IS ghetto Southern "trash" (Aja Naomi King even attempts to add some twang to her accent), and 3) she's not going to marry this woman's Bi Now, Gay Later son because we all know that's what this is really about.  Aidan's parents are aware that their son is the hetero Golden Child they'd hope for, and now they're trying to marry him off with a quickness.

In a typical Shondaland twist, Laurel meets Michaela for drinks and produces the missing engagement ring.  Turns out she found it in Connor's car later that night, but withheld it because she knew if Michaela felt threatened by a potential link to the crime scene, she'd keep her mouth shut.  *blink*  Cold-blooded, I know, but brilliant.

Nate Lahey is home on bail courtesy of Keating & Co., and he's agreed to hire the lawyer Annalise recommended.  We never hear or see this new lawyer which begs the question: whom do you guys think might get to play them?  Whom would you like to see play defense attorney who's apparently worthy of Annalise Keating's recommendation?


  1. For whatever reason, I have negative interest in watching this show.

  2. I'm losing interest in this show too. I'll watch the season 2 premiere just to see where this show is going but if I start feel like it's going to drag like it did last season I'm done. I love Viola Davis, she's been the only I started watching this show and continued to watch, I'm glad she's finally gotten a lead role but she deserves much better this. I'm sorry lol.

    "Cause the Ice Princess go to shine in the finale."

    As for Michaela it's too little too late for me. I Waited the whole season to see if her character developed
    beyond the control freak obseesed with exams and Aiden and it sort of didn't. I've noticed once exams were over, Aiden broken off the engagement and Connor "changed" and was no longer being an ass to her, her screen time and lines in this show dropped significantly. *sigh* I'm afraid her character has fallen to the fate of a lot of young black female characters, simply set decoration for diversity points.

    P.s. No " The Bar Loves Billy Brown" aka Nate Lahey. :(
    That's a fine ass man.


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