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God help us.

Okay, so as you now know, Huck's real name is Diego Munoz.  We know this because it was revealed this week.  Huck's name - one of the most tightly guarded secrets of the show - was handed over to us this week kind of out of the blue, without ceremony or suspense, and fans didn't gasp like we expected to when we finally learned his name.

Instead we saw it for what it was: Scandal, for all its talk about not expecting/needing/wanting to be on the air much longer, Olivia Pope & Associates really do want to hang on for one more year.

This wasn't even a Liv-heavy episode; on the one hand, Huck's wife Kim shows up to David Rosen's office with the B-613 files Huck gave her (you know, 'cause she didn't believe).  David has a panic attack with Jake Ballard as the two try to figure out who Diego Munoz is and why he's giving Kin these files, Huck mentions that uh, by the way, he is Diego Munoz, or rather...was.

I felt zero impact.  Did y'all feel any impact?  Because I felt zero impact.  The episode's friggin' title is "The Testimony of Diego Munoz" - right there and then I knew it was Huck!!!!

So anyways, the guys - still in panic mode - decide they need to steer Kim away from this because it could fall back on them, and of course, Liv.  Huck says he can take care of it (read: claiming insanity and that he made the whole B-613 thing up) but instead his wife convinces him to go on the record with David Rosen and talk about B-613.

Why are we still talking about B-613?  Why is anyone still talking or caring about B-613?  Exactly how many critics and fans have to politely suggest that the B-613 aspect of the show needs to go quietly into the good night and leave us be before Shondaland finally gets the hint?  Because now David Rosen, white hat back on, wants to pursue the case and seek justice, and since getting James Novak killed apparently wasn't enough for him last time, I guess we have to just wait and see who dies for this next.

Meanwhile, in the White House (STILL loving the separation of Pope and State, by the way), a poor young Senator is being used by the Grants to fill in the vacant Vice-Presidency.  Mellie loves her because she is "un-electable" and won't pose a threat in the future; she's short, chubby, a Republican seemingly in name only, she has no filter, and just so happens to be the most honest, moral, sane Republican we've seen on the show thus far.  At first, the Democrats won't accept her, and we find out it's because the Senate hates Fitz for his crazy handling of the war.

Liv predictably fixes it and the Senator is back on the menu. But let's be real; Mellie has fucked around and found herself a decent human being and we already know where this is going to go.  When Mellie decides to run for the Presidency in the next season, Senator Susan Ross is very likely to step all over her, and when that happens, the killing/stealing/threatening drama is going to start all over again, because the Grants ain't worth shit, and Cyrus doesn't help.

And Abby...as much I love Darby Stanchfield, I feel she has gone back to be wasted and I don't understand why the hell she's still at the White House.  What...the fuck...for?  Shouldn't she have left by now?  She commands no respect, she's little more than Cyrus's whipping girl, and I feel that bringing her back to OPA - along with Stephen Finch - will do wonders for this show.


Liv's segment was actually the better segment.  I approve of her in the last two episodes.  Remember when she was kidnapped?  Remember that sweet old Black woman across the hall (Lois) who got shot in the process?  I'm glad that wasn't just swept under the rug and forgotten.  Her girlfriend Rose (Marla Gibbs!!!) is still looking for her and wants to know why her boo has just up and disappeared.  It doesn't smell right to her.  As part of Liv's quest for closure, she figures they might as well find Lois's body and put her to rest.  We learn that Lois and Rose met as kids and fell in love, so Lois's family moved far away.  Lois went on to marry a dude and have kids, but the two women never forgot each other.  When Lois's husband died, they were instantly reunited.  And the only reason they didn't live together was that Lois apparently kept the apartment too damn hot.

Liv's team successfully finds Lois's body and arrange a proper funeral, for which I was grateful (Shondaland doing Black folks right lately!).  We also see Liv starting to get over the kidnapping which should have never had in the first place...but she's keeping all them new locks.

On the upside, those of us getting tired of Huck being crazy got to see his wife kiss him, seemingly in reconciliation, and then saw him walk away beaming like a lovesick schoolboy.  So there's hope.

Also...this was a Jake-lite episode, so I hope this means he'll be taking off soon.  And if the increasing separation of Pope and State is preparing us for a spin-off where Fitz and Olivia are on separate shows living separate lives...I might just be down.


  1. I wonder do Shonda really be paying attention to her fans when it comes to her show?

    You've mentioned about Marla Gibbs character on the show and I'm glad that you did bring it up, because I was wondering where her character was going on Scandal and how she was goinghatto play into it. Now that her character is revealed and what she had to do with Lois, it was great and didn't have any idea that they were lovers. That was one of the interesting parts of the show.

    " Why is anyone is talking or caring about B-613?"

    Good question. We're not, her fans aren't but there was a newsflash about Shonda( I wish I could remember where I seen it at) and it seems that the only fan of it is Shonda. She said that she liked it and wanted to use it on her show. She says that she's doing what the fans like but if she really did she really should get rid of this crap. It's boring concept for the show. It's doing her no good.

    Looks like there will be more bad news for Scandal. Kerry may be starring on an HBO biopic where she will be playing the roll of Anita Hill and she posed to be playing in another picture. They say it may take time away from her being on Scandal.( Source: the Washington Post). If she goes..there goes the show.

    1. Actors who are lucky do TV films between TV seasons all the time, and Kerry needs to keep her profile up because Scandal will not be long-lived and it helps to stay as busy as possible. Also, Liv's kidnapping's got her going through something, so she's withdrawn anyhow - it works.

      In fact, I'd be willing to sacrifice Liv for a few episodes if it means Stephen comes back and runs OPA in her absence and gets the business back in order. I would also like to see Huck/Diego and his wife work things out. I'd like to see something done with Abby, because I do like her and the I love the actress. I like how Abby tries to be like Stephen/Harrison/the voice of reason, and talk sense into Liv at times.

      It would be the ultimate reset button for when Liv returned, and could allow the show to go on for years.


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