Game Sisters: Tanya in Mortal Kombat X

I swore to myself I wasn't going to fuck around with this franchise anymore (except maybe the films/web series...oddly enough they tend to do those well), but after what I'm guessing was major uproar for cult fans of this character, my main Boss Bitch is back in the game and I just want to see what she can do...if only for the last time.

Tanya is a slender, gloomy woman from Edenia. Originally introduced as relatively innocent, she quickly turned out to be corrupted by evil, as evidenced in her adherence to the worshipping of Shinnok which also made her an ally to Shinnok's dangerous, religious cult known as the Brotherhood of Shadow, and her later service to both the Deadly Alliance and Onaga. She seems to view herself as more of a survivor rather than anything else, justifying her choices as being the "right decisions". Tanya is one of the few female henchmen from the Mortal Kombat series, and prides herself on her superior knowledge of magic and diplomacy. Because of her frequent betrayal of the Edenian cause, she has earned the rivalry and bitter hatred of Jade. (Source)
Uhhhh...that's an understatement. Tanya has been dubbed "single-handedly the most devious and treacherous bitch in the history of the franchise", making her utterly, delightfully Villainess Chic (think Fish Mooney, if she were immortal-ish and had superpowers).  Of all the female characters, Tanya's definitely the most fascinating and should have her own spin-off show, movie, game, comic, web series, something.

See what I mean?

In the new game, Tanya appears lighter-skinned (*cue side eye*), with a questionable sense of fashion, but until the game actually drops on April 14th and the geeks start uploading, I will forbear with what limited intel I have.

Besides, we'll always have her previous incarnations.  And Tanya fans never disappoint.

Love the outfit.

Love the outfit.
Maybe she could play Tanya.


  1. Check out the latest version of her. They've
    fixed the skin tone of her and she is back to her dark skinned self.


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