Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope (#ScandalABC)

Let me begin by saying I'm ready for Scandal to be canceled.

This is a dual recap; last week aired Episode 4 x17 "I'm Just a Bill" , which confirmed that Franklin J. Russell (Brian J. White) is a B613 agent sent by Daddy Pope and assigned specifically to Olivia.  This marks second the second time Rowan has sent a man to sleep with his own daughter as part of their mission.  Just as I disliked Olivia gathering a bunch of "good ole white boys" to kill her father (who, when you think about it, originally just wanted her to stop sleeping with Fitz), I dislike this casual idea that a black father is - essentially - whoring his daughter out to his employees.

If you're a B613 agent, and as good as we're constantly told you are, you shouldn't have to sleep with a subject just to surveil them.  Jake initially did quite well by just bugging Liv's apartment and watching her from a distance (Fitz's idea).  Pursuing her romantically and sleeping with her (Rowan's idea) was unnecessary and accomplished nothing except to create an unwanted love triangle that has gone on for way too long.

Last week's episode ended with Franklin stabbing the hell out of Jake and leaving him to bleed out.  I cheered.  Actor Scott Foley even tweeted that it had "been an honor" being on Scandal, further convincing fans his character was dead.  But Jake Ballard was revived right away in the beginning of this week's episode.  I wailed so loudly my neighbors were probably having a WTF moment.

Oh...but it gets worse.  See, Huck does the reviving, and he notices that no major organs were stabbed.  Even I know you ought to stab someone in the heart or the jugular if you want to kill them - you're telling me a trained B613 agent doesn't know how to kill a human being with a knife???

Shonda Rhimes, there are limits to our suspense of disbelief.  You've shown Rowan, Huck, Charlie, Jake, and even Quinn taking people out like it was child's play.  Fuck... friggin' Fitz killed a cancer patient with his own two hands!!!  Did B613 just not teach Franklin about human anatomy?  Was he out sick that day?

So now, not only is the B613 storyline moving full-speed ahead despite frequent complaints from fans, not only is Jake still alive, not only is yet another good-looking  MOC not cast as viable love interest for Olivia Pope, not only is Rowan still thinking it's appropriate to exploit his own daughter's vagina, but now, now we have the first prominent black B613 agent aside for Rowan himself, and he is incompetent as fuck.

That's it.  I'm out.  I'm done.


  1. I don't blame you. Fuck this show. Shonda should be ashamed.

  2. *Waving my surrender flag in the air. *

    I only watched only 20 minutes of Scandal and it was a bit much for me. Shonda has gone from bad to worse with Scandal and I don't mean in a good way. The show is beginning to remind me of a rapid version of Days Of Our Lives where just where you think that everything in sight would kill him when he somehow, rises from the dead. Scandal is looking more and more like them ,only the plots isn''t as long as Scandal as it is with Days.

    I thought about what you said about Kerry looking bored with her role. Honestly, if I had to play Olivia these days, I would feel the same as her facial expression may suggest. Maybe that is why she is having no trouble taking this upcoming role as Anita Hill in another movie. Besides looking boried, her role makes her seem that she's never happy. You have shows like Empire, HTGAWM, The Haves And Have Nots and Being Mary Jane. Regardless of all of the quagmire that was taking place in their fictional lives, all of the Black female leads had some bad/good times and had a life. Along with Shonda getting too far fetched with Scandal ,another reason that I started to get bored with the show is that Olivia never had a life. No matter what situtation it was ,she's never happy. Even in a pressuresome places like the Whitehouse even you can see the Barack and His Congress coming out with smile and having good times when warranted.

    1. So it's not just me. Kerry looks bored, Tony looks bored, Bellamy (Mellie) looks like she's hoping for a spin-off, Jeff looks bored, Huck, David, Abby, and Quinn look like scenery, and Jake just needs to die.

      OMG this show is done. This show is soooooo done.

      We'll always have Season 2. RIP Harrison.

    2. One of the things that royally pissed me off about this show, and I think I mentioned it in my last Scandal rant, is that Olivia is maybe a glass or two away from being a straight-up drunk. She doesn't do anything but work and sit in her apartment and moon over a sorry-ass man she can't have and for whatever reason, feels she can't do better. I don't even consider Jake and never have. She's never happy; she doesn't have a life to speak of, and the writers told us so much but rarely shows us more beyond the aforementioned.

      Unrealistic. The show jumped the shark at the second half of S3.

    3. is that Olivia is maybe a glass or two away from being a straight-up drunk. She doesn't do anything but work and sit in her apartment and moon over a sorry-ass man she can't have and for whatever reason, feels she can't do better.

      I should've pointed out earlier that this is a really good point. The sight of a damaged, self-loathing black woman constantly chugging wine and crying over a man is no different from portrayals we've seen from Hollywood's Dark(er) Ages.

    4. It's kind of the flip-side of what we see on those reality shows like Love & Hip Hop.

    5. I hope I can articulate this the way I envision it.

      Olivia, as you described, is a "damaged, self-loathing BW constantly chugging wine and crying over a man..."

      What I've seen (in my little time watching it) on LHH are BW who drink and fight over men. As far as self-loathing, maybe not so much (at least not overtly), and the damage comes from what they do to each other. Either way, it's something Hollywhite ENJOYS seeing.

    6. Either way, it's something Hollywhite ENJOYS seeing.

      Which is why I say we disown the sistahs who get on these shows.


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