Black Gymnasts Rock

The 2016 Olympics won't be able to handle this. It's about to go down.

For one, Gabby Douglas intends to return. People have criticized her coach-switching, but after getting a look at her new fellow trainees and coach, I can see why she made the change.

And speaking of Miz Nia...there's a reason why this 16-year-old's been racking up the silver and gold.

Secondly, Simone Biles is already one of the most decorated gymnasts of all time at the mere age of 18.  Simone appears to have this ability where she walks into any competition and leaves with gold like it's nothing.

Remember back when people barely knew her name?  Listen to them now.

Kyla Ross is a graceful, long-legged Blasian Latina, also 18 years of age. Here's the thing about Kyla; don't get too comfortable if she doesn't win gold. That just means either the silver or bronze will be spoken for. One way or another, she's gettin' up on that podium, trust and believe.

But while America has been bubbling with overconfidence, I've noticed Great Britain has been getting there. While praising Biles, I've noticed that they do it in a backhanded way sometimes, stating there's not really much competition out there right now. Uh...Great Britain is gettin' there (along with the Romanians). Just because the Russians and Chinese have been slacking off doesn't mean other folks aren't coming up - the world doesn't revolve around just USA, Russia, and China, y'all. I've been watching the international games. I've been paying strict attention, and in 2016, Great Britain will be unleashing a double threat.

Our dear 23-year-old Becky Downie has not had a good couple of years; such is the way with gymnasts.  A single injury can derail your career seemingly indefinitely, and when you're no longer in your teens it can be disastrous.  But she's getting back to it - believe that.  I think it's partially due to the fact that her now 15-year-old sister Elissa "Ellie" Downie is making a name in the game.  Ellie is the Serena to Becky's Venus, and Big Sis is getting motivated again.

Remember when I said Ellie was Serena? And 15?

Remember when I said Becky was gettin' back it to it?

It's about to be on.


  1. I will be watching the STANK outta the Olympics if I can get it on my TV

  2. The Olympics again? That was quick.

    Does anyone know if the three young ladies who made swimming history are heading to the Olympics also?


    1. The Olympics again? That was quick.

      That's what I was thinking. Usually it feels like they're taking forever to get here.

      Simone and Lia appeared to have swum in the 2012 Summer Olympics, but I'm not seeing much about them or Natalie Hinds where 2016 is concerned.

    2. I forgot that Lia actually won bronze in the relay at the Olympics. I did not realize though she was Blasian.

  3. Awesome girls :) And Simone Biles..wow!

  4. Now that's what I'm talking about...


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