Game Sisters: Jacqui Briggs in Mortal Kombat X (#MKX)

"Oh, it's on."

Okay, so I'm warming up to this character even though I think her appearance and overall characterization could've been a bit more creative (though I do appreciate the cornrows...makes sense on a soldier).  I also appreciate the lack of whitewashing.  And I was pleased to find out that Jacqui's pretty bad-ass. She'd have to be, being the daughter of Major Jax Briggs and a member of the Special Forces "Faction".  As I expected, she's already developed quite the following online.

Like other characters in the game, Jacqui has three variations - High-Tech, Shotgun, and Full-Auto (*cue comment from Amaya*). And when she fucks people up...she fucks them up:

I was also pleasantly surprised to see she got a romantic subplot in the game.  It was so unexpected.  And I really liked how they paired her up with this guy:

Takeda Takahashi, a telepath who wields bladed whips

*cue the fangirls*


  1. Gonna be honest, with a lot of the newcomers being introduced, I was very very concerned about how Jacqui would be portrayed, especially if you've read the MKX comics where she was portrayed as the token best friend of Cassie Cage. But after seeing the trailer and the podcast showcasing her variations, I have a lot of high hopes for her, and am more than proud to say I've grown to love her loads.

    She's everything a lot of black female characters should aspire to be, self confident, competent, smart, compassionate and damn handy to play as in-game. Plus she has the right combination of being smart as-hell, tough as nails, no-nonsense attitude, and naturally sexy without going too far either way.

    Depending on how far their willing to go with this, I think that Jacqui Briggs could definitely be the poster girl or at least the Blueprint for how Black female characters should be portrayed.

    Hats off to Ed Boon and Netherrealm studios. Smart choice and as an added bonus she's one of the fastest characters in-game, just like how her dad is one of the strongest characters in game.

    1. Yes, they did a lot of things right with her. And I like the father/daughter dynamic they gave her with Jax; that was really important.

      Now...if only they could take all these great developments and fix everything they've done wrong with Tanya and Jade, and add some more brown women to the game, we'll finally be in business.

  2. Racist fangirls already have their panties in a bunch over Jacqui's relationship with Takeda. The fan art is even more problematic, with Jacqui's blackness being erased all together. There was a campaign created by some fans insisting, "We still have time to make Jacqui a hot mixed chick." Same bullshit, different day.

    I adore these two as a couple. Takeda and his father, Kenshi (another character I love) are the main characters I play with a long with Jacqui. I have a feeling she's going to get lost in the shuffle.


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