The problem with the Internet is.... (#OhHellNo)

...you surf long enough and you'll always find some shit you desperately wish you could unsee.

If I must suffer, so must everyone else.

How clueless am I that I didn't even know ish like this was going on?

What's even more annoying - if that's even possible - is that someone posted the first picture in response to yet another tired-ass, long-winded, headed-nowhere Facebook "debate" about whether or not sistahs are more submissive with white dudes.

See, someone made a video contrasting swirly sistahs with so-called "typical" sistahs (read: they deliberately took footage of healthy, stable couples and propped it up against footage of dysfunctional people).

Like I said...the things you wish you could unsee.

You know, I have a Question of the Fucking Day - what' s with the obsession with female submission?  Gee...maybe if these so-called men didn't focus on bullshit like needing women to be submissive, their rejection rate would be much lower.


  1. Tell me that the guy who opposed these unions got these people to model to express his feelings about IR/AMBW relationships . If these were actual couples who approved of being wrapped /covered in a Confederate flag,then they should be ashamed of themselves..especially with the woman. Im Black,Southern and I wouldnt express my love for him in that,nor would I ever marry a man who supports such crap.

    Otherwise, this guy is full of it.Just as I get annoyed when I see people down a member of their own community while dating someone of the opposite race,im equally as annoyed with guys like this..telling Black women that theyre subservient for dating White men.

    I dont know the race of the jerk that wrote this junk but regardless of it,he needs to have a seat or more. Im quite sure that nobody forces anybody to be in these relations . Theyre in them because they like each other.How on earth is it being subservient?(though I hate that flag )

    I bet you that the man did this clip has no life,no prospects and probably would\will treat his girlfriend /wife like a slave like hes accusing Black women of being.

  2. Well I don't know about all the pictures, but the bottom one is "fake". That is a professional wrestling promo pic.

    I didn't watch the video of the guy complaining about black women, but my guess is he is someone who wants to make sure to keeps black women (his financial backers) firmly in place.

  3. Girl I can't with you tonight....


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