Misogynoir, the Favorite Snuff Film du Jour

When I gain blog followers the most:

1) Post anything about Black death (executions/State violence; not mental health/suicide)

2) Post anything about violence specifically on Black women

When I lose blog followers the most:

1) Post any 3 images in succession of beautiful Black women or Black women happy/succeeding

- Gradient Lair, "When They Join and Jump Ship"

Seeing the image of a black woman reclaiming her sexuality, taking it back from a society that slanders it, this pleases me.

The same social sexual violence that happens to Asian men, it happens to black women. The narrative and image of a black woman in America or Canada is a grossly contorted version, a caricature, of one of a few uninventive archetypes.

This is embedded in the public mind, it is evident nearly everywhere, and none of this racist public image is worth repeating. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take in a look at any comment stream following an article relating to black women. As if the phenomenon needed more proof, you can take a look at virtually any statistical study on racial out group / interracial pairing or marriage.

White people know black women aren't protected. They know the only way to satisfy their racist urges is to target black women, the most unprotected, unloved species on the planet. And it's not because they hate black men more, or we aren't the intended target, oh we are the intended target, and all the damn time, but because they know they can get away with it.

The only time we oppose racism against black women, is if other black women are doing the speaking out about it. And those black women are very few and far between themselves. Otherwise, no one cares about people treating black women like subhumans. We're already seen as subhuman so many think it's a normality to treat us as such.

You can tell white people use black women as racism targets, because all you have to do is check the comments under black female entertainers articles or videos.


  1. I noticed that anything positive no one wants to hear about. Post any negative news and watch the fireworks!

    1. What are your thoughts on Fed Up Black Woman's theory?

    2. Sadly its true. Her angle is more about white people attacking us when in reality its everyone. And I do mean everyone thinks its a free for all to attack black women. We have not been protected for years. We are the favorite rock to kick.

    3. For real.

      A guy actually posted this in an AMBW group. Blasian trolling aside, the lack of accountability from him and the original video poster ("Black women created these savages") is astounding.

  2. I think Fed Up Black Woman theory is true, I've been saying that for a while. Just look how Serena Williams is being treated. Also when they talk about black people in a negative way they tend to completely erase gender and apply things to black women that doesn't even make sense. But the always make sure to separate black women from black men when they want to say negative stuff about us. When it's something negative about black men they say "black people or blacks" but when it's something negative about black women they say " black women".

    1. When it's something negative about black men they say "black people or blacks" but when it's something negative about black women they say " black women".

      Oooooh...good point.


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