Athletic Sisters: Ciera Wilson

And here I thought were supposedly the constant butch ones who couldn't be petite or lithe or graceful or artistic.


Ciera has a new partner this year, Olivia Staff. Videos of just them haven't been uploaded yet.


  1. Ok first video I was impressed when one did a split while holding the other in a handstand, but at the minute 1:50 mark....D*MN!!!

    Is this an Olympic sport because I have NEVER seen it before..EVER!

    1. Last I checked, Acro is still in negotiations to become an Olympic sport. I don't know why it wasn't already since "Acro" is short for "acrobatics" from which we get gymnastics anyway.

      *sigh* Athletic politics.

    2. Then again, on second thought, it could be the age factor. The smaller acrobats tend to be under the age of 16.

    3. Yeah that might be it. I don't think Americans could compete just because of our body structures after puberty. I remember reading how after 16 they are fighting against nature to compete.


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