Black Girls' Night Out: Here We Go Again

The folks behind the TV sequel to Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film Minority Report showed segments of the show’s pilot at San Diego Comic-Con. And I laughed. A lot. The problem is that it wasn’t at the parts that were supposed to be funny. This show is in serious denial about how goofy it is.

Minority Report show is set years after the movie, after PreCrime has been disbanded and the Precogs have been hidden in Witness Protection-like anonymity. One of the Precogs, Dash (played by Stark Sands in the TV series), has returned to Washington, DC, hoping to prevent murders before they happen and save lives. But Dash sees only images from the predicted crimes, and so far, he hasn’t been able to prevent a single murder by himself. But after he fails to save the latest victim, he’s determined to at least help put the murderer away, putting him in the path of homicide detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good).

Minority Report is a campy show that, at least from what I saw, refuses to acknowledge that it is a campy show.

Let's shuck right down to the cob, shall we? We've got Meagan Good playing a cop - again - opposite a white male lead - again - who has nowhere near her level of fame (Sleepy Hollow, anyone?)

I'm not touching this one.  Her last show, which shall not be named, robbed me of eleven hours of life I will never get back and I can't go through that again.

This is someone else's baby.


  1. I read over on Ranier's site that Into The Badlands has an Asian male lead with a Black female love interest. It doesn't come out until November though.


    1. Once again we have a POC in the lead...only to be surrounded by white folks. And the black woman got less than a split second visual in that long-ass trailer.

  2. Not I, said the cat. I loved the movie and am a fan of Phillip K. Dick's work. This sounds stupid as hell. The precogs don't work if they're not together. The story and the movie make it a point to address this.

    This is dumb. Meagan, I hope you got paid.

    1. This is dumb. Meagan, I hope you got paid.

      Most likely the only reason why she took the job.


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