Black Girls' Night Out: Suhad (#Tut)

I'mma keep it real: Spike TV's Tut (2015) is a train wreck.  If you look at the action, plot, dialogue, acting, some of the set designs, and overall treatment of history, it's a bona fide hot-ass mess.  You've got Ancient Africa with only 2-3 people of actual indigenous African descent (think Exodus).  You've got an entire cast of actors doing, ahem, rather questionable British accents, and that includes the Brits themselves (like, really, dude?).


#PoorJo indeed.  Looks like #Dacey got the last laugh after all.

When I watch Kylie Bunbury and Avan Jogia in Tut, I can't help but think of Rain and Naomie Harris getting together in a new project with neither ninjas nor assassins, and basically tearing each other's clothes off.  Don't ask me how the rest of the story goes; I haven't bothered to think that far.

But back to our main lady right here.  She is such a diplomat about the the whole thing.  When Vanity Fair asked her point blank about what it was like gettin' on with Avan onscreen, Bunbury's reply went something along the lines of this:
What’s not sexy? Shooting a sex scene with her co-star and longtime friend, Avan Jogia, who plays King Tut. After co-starring in ABC Family drama “Twisted” in 2014, Bunbury and Jogia have come to a relationship status that she can only label as “bros.” While their platonic friendship was a nice precursor to working together, it worked to their detriment when it came to the on-screen romp in the sheets. To top it off, it didn’t help that this was Bunbury’s first “intimate” scene on camera.

“It’s exceedingly awkward,” she says. “It’s not what people think at all. There are people watching [and] it’s extraordinarily technical, [like the director will say,] ‘Oh, Kylie, move your arm here.’”

While their IRL relationship remains firmly fraternal, their characters, Suhad and Tut, are hot and heavy throughout the show.
Girl, whatever...you ain't foolin' nobody with that bullshit (she passed on the opportunity to play Queen Ankhe, mind you; Bunbury was unwilling to be any character but Suhad on the show).

Verdict?  Lacey Porter wins.


  1. Yep..! Kylie isn't fooling anybody..probably wanted to always do that love scene with Avan all along( which I cannot blame her) and my god...it was semi-modest,but also quite sexy and steamy. I almost didn't watch it because it started off rather slow,but I'm glad that I didn't.

    I read an article where the staff of TUT and Spike TV was hoping that the miniseries would be a success and seemingly it is ( 1.4 million viewers on the first one and 2.6 for the second) so that they'll be able to put for more good programming on there. Even though TUT like you said..is a hot mess , i'm happy that the numbers so far is pretty good.

    Lacey and Danny got what they wanted after all..lol!

    1. probably wanted to always do that love scene with Avan all along

      Girl, you know!

  2. I do not know where else to put this but I hope you will check out a Canadian scifi show called Killjoys. It has a black/mixed woman as the leading lady and she has a thing with one of the two white male leads.


  3. Their chemistry was amazing and I didn't realize Suhad was going to be such a major character before I watched it so I was excited to see their loveline develop.

    1. What did you think of the rest of the show, tho?


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