#Wayment...Is this an actual trend?

From Fed Up Black Woman:
Another one: "Confessions Of a Former Self Hating Black Man who Used to Bash Black women on Social Media"

Does he want a cookie now? Lmao!

I have to side eye this, because I feel like he’s saying that he’s only giving black women a chance now, because he no longer has access to white and non-black women who are the object of his desires. And it shouldn’t take a case like Trayvon for a black man to have to respect for the opposite gender who shares his history and skin color.

Was it really self hate? A self hater wants nothing to do with their own, he clearly had no problem only wanting the only black people around him to be black men.

That’s messed up, because the sista who would end up in the relationship with him wouldn’t be genuinely liked by this person.

And would he be so called “woke” if white and non-black women were still accessible to him? If there weren’t any media coverage of police brutality and sista soldiers out there marching for his rights as a black man, would he even had made this confession?

Should we go and pat Tommy Sotomayor on the back too while we’re at it?

And judging by the comments why are black women so forgiving? I’ve never seen black women this forgiving towards others, not even other black women. When have we ever forgiven discriminatory people without making them see their wrong doings?

Black women don’t need triggering things, and influences to support black men, whether we’re young or old. We have an emotional connection to black men, that black men DO NOT have for us, and he basically proved this through the article.
She goes on to re-post the actual "confession" and link back to the original site. Of course...by the time I got there, there were no forgiving sistas.  I repeat: No Forgiving Sistas ('cept one). In fact, there was a long line of 'em waitin' to tear him a new one, and I have a feeling FUBW's blog had a little somethin' to do with that.

What do y'all think, ladies?


  1. (I wrote a prior post but it may have gotten lost.Im writing another one.Just disregard the first one)

    From what Im reading about this "reformed'Black woman man,he seemed to had excuses on top of excuses.

    Like him,I grew up in the South..outer ATL Ga,grew up in a mostly White/White Jewish community and went to a mix of White,Black and mixed schools.

    Far as boys/men, I found White(mainly Jewish guys ),Black and other MOCs to because mainly because of their cultures and who I just happen to grow up with..which was White Jewish guys at the time.

    I also dealt with some matters that could have made me anti Black man/people at the time:my dad walked out on my sibs and me as a kid,some of the Black kids also jeered us because they thought that we were "too white" and I had some relatives who was colorstriken.

    I could have beem like that guy in the post but thank god I didnt.I was taught to respect my heritage and I never heard my folks disrespcted other Blacks no matter how many Black/non Black people they dated/married and mostly Im a realist.There is no such thing as a perfect race.I can find good/bad with any man.

    It sounds like this man was full of excuses.He didnt find Black women to be attractive and was just scapegoating them to justify his "love" for them. I wouldnt trust his apologies.Far as Im concerned ,Black women are his " scraps"and soon as the dust settles down hell be back with Becky.

    1. Definitely. He's only with a black woman b/c he has no other options. But as soon as a Becky let's down her golden locks he will climb that tower and kick whoever he's with to the curb.

    2. I posted the same on FUBW site. He pretty much stated that he is FORCED to date black women now. I kept thinking what happens once school is over and Becky is once more attainable. He is just trying to score brownie points.

      @M-There is no such thing as a perfect race.I can find good/bad with any man. AMEN!

    3. For Harriet has posted an article that's more sympathetic towards this notably anonymous writer, stating that Black women went "cray" after his reading his little confession, but like Lor's pointed out, he only started noticing Black women when he had no access to the Beckies. Why are some folks skipping over that precious little tidbit?

      Furthermore, I'm less impressed by men who "say" and more by men who "do." Don't write me some anonymous shit - put your name and face to it, own up to this confession, and then start a group to educate other Black men who hate themselves, create a workshop, set up a forum - do something...don't just "say".

    4. I get what Harriet is saying,but she must understand,these are women who just didnt get mad in a second. To be constantly told that youre a "nobody"by White society and especially your own race of men for ages can be psychologically damaging to the soul .

      The puzzle about people like Anonymous is how his preferences had to equate into insults.I have a preference for taller men,I like Black men with darker skin dreads or bald headed,wear glasses (I also wear glasses) moderately hairy men and guys that arent too fat or skinny regardless of race yet,I dont make fun out of the guys that
      doesnt meet my criteria nor does it
      mean I will never date/marry them for it.A person who love themselves would
      never would resorted to his ignorance.

      If Anon was man enough to down us and to tell us this,he should be man enough to show himself.What was he expecting,a welcome home party?

      Though I will always be suspicious of him,having a blog and educating men like his supposed former self about their
      self hate would be a start and teach them what true Black love is and where it exist.Black love isnt dead.Becky is a hallucinogen to him.

  2. A known 1960s civil rights leader talked with my mom about their then movement once remarked about hoping that their cause wasnt done in vain. Well Ill be....why did he the Lovings and other POC activists bother to fight for people like him?Now that were able to date anybody we want,for Black people like
    Tommy Sotomayor #god knows what number he is.,but for Black guys like him,he has taken this cause for granted.

    Im not married and is childless but if I married a man who wasnt a Black man,O could nevvveer put down my people..male or female....like he has.I would hope to get a like minded guy who is respectful of me and our cultures and if hes Black, with the exception of my dad (and he remarried another Black woman) I hope that he would be like the great Black men my mom and grandparents exposed me to.Far as Im concerned,hes a poor excuse of being a Black man.

  3. This reminds of this http://realnewspaper.me/2014/03/06/why-the-hell-am-i-still-dating-black-women/
    The man is this article (my link) is the oppisite of the anonymous man...and I think what he's saying is interesting.

    1. Oh, and my opinion on the anonymous man...what did he do to redeem himself? He just posted his story so he coundn't face consequences while having the full support of his Black female classmates. Did he try to start a conversation with his bros? What is he doing for his community?

    2. I got to read Mr. Aseem's blog and may I say that not only is he hot with a beautiful sister on his arm,but he's a man with a lot of sense. His mother seems strong and most likely instilled that in him. Then again you have some Black parent who do the same and some of them still come out self hating. I feel bad for people like Ebrahim . People like Gus make it very bad for him..to remind Black women like me that good Black men are not a thing of the past.

      Unbelievable! how can these " Black " men talk so disrespectful of Black women in a White woman's face! It find it ironic because when I would see my man at his barbershop, they would actually talk about how they would USE a White woman for sex and talk about football . Most had Black girlfriends/wives. Maybe they could do it behind our backs I don't know,but that is what I observed.I have never in my life been around that kind of incredible disrespect in my life and if they did, the Black man..as well as woman would certainly cuss them out at least from what I have seen from the few I came across

      I feel bad for the mixed race child she plans to have..being raised by two racists ugh.. wow. How can these people profess "colorblindness"by putting down Black women? I kind of laugh at the stereotypes of Black woman not wanting to do " snorkering" hee-hee ..No I'm not into snorkering but aren't there other fun things Black women like doing like traveling, going to movies, going to festivals or museums? that is what I like doing. I would like to go to Savannah/Tybee Island Ga/Myrtle Beach SC,but do I have to snorkel to have fun?lol..so lame.It said that they mothers gave birth to guys like that. They were a waste of sperm and eggs!

      Right now, it's racist euphoria,but just like the Anon wake up call with Mike Brown, it will have to take a serious tragedy to them to get. The sad thing about these guys is that if a White/non Black woman can sit there and talk about your women badly, she'll probably end up leaving him hanging and calling him and that kid the "N" word. Any Black woman who come across guys like this should be considered lucky.

    3. I read his blog too. I didn't care for it. Its just a different angle from Anonymous. It said all the right things, but certain things just bothered me. College educated black women dressing like strippers to MAYBE get a man who was beneath her? Judging by his description it wasn't a group of winners in the bunch. . I would have been more impressed if he was MARRIED to a black woman.

      I love snorkeling, but with all the shark attacks recently I stayed out of the water this summer.

    4. @Lor I agree, I was like "what??" Some stuff was not consistent but the last part was interesting. The first part seemed exaggerated. Now as M said, it's really sad that even this exaggerated behavior from Black guys and White girls is true sometimes, I can't imagine how their kids will grow up.

    5. Sad thing to think about.I could picture them growing up like the biracial kid of whose White gay mother(Jennifer Cramblett) was suing an Ohio sperm bank for accidently insiminating her with Black sperm?

      Jennifer keeps referring to that baby as a "mistake" and is more conerned about staying around her racist neighbors and family than her own kid. Yep! I can see it now..that White woman in Ebrahims blog will raise a kid that will be ashamed of being Black or grow disrespecting them.

    6. @M-.I could picture them growing up like the biracial kid of whose White gay mother(Jennifer Cramblett) was suing an Ohio sperm bank for accidentally inseminating her with Black sperm?

      I have read about her, but haven't seen anywhere about her referring to the little girl as a mistake. The sperm bank did make a mistake though in sending the wrong sperm. I AM confused though. I mean she has stated that she has racist family members who are also homophobic. She is not allowed to "be gay" or "act out" her gayness around them. I do not understand wanting to be around people like that even if they are family. That cannot be healthy physically or mentally. And even if the child was white why would you want them to grow up in that environment. Think of the hell the kid would go through with two moms.

      I DO think she has a right to sue. If her contract was for a specific donor then the sperm bank is in breach of contract.

    7. Directly, Jennifer didn't call her daughter a " mistake " but the way she is carrying on about her daughter she's reacting as if she is. To say that " I'm going to sue so and so because I was a given a Black man's sperm seems a little racist in itself. Don't get me wrong, she has that right to sue for not getting what she requested for,but to look at the kid and cry about her because of her race is sad. If Jennifer thinks that she's in pain, just imagine what that poor kids may have to go through being reminded that mommy really wanted her blond hair,blue eyed cutie instead of her in the media or maybe word of mouth.

      Right now , Jennifer is not only being semi racist,but selfish as well. She's gay and she claimed that she moved from a diverse part of Ohio to a smaller town because of the schools and to be near her folks. We get that. If I had kids I would want the the same for my kids,but do she tell me that there are no good diverse schools in the State of Ohio?

      Ok, this " great " town that Jennifer said is racist and that her folks are racist/homophobic. Here is my thing with her: if you know your town is like that.. MOVE! It's that simple. When you have a child..mixed or not ..it can no longer be about Jennifer,it has to be about the kid.
      Jennifer is gay and she has a mixed kid. Although there isn't a such thing as racially prejudice free city/town in this world, she can move into a more racially tolerant one. If she love her daughter as much as she claims she do ,she would be trying to find a good school in a diverse part of town. If I was gay, had a mixed raced kid and knew how my town and family were, there is no way I would let my kid be raised in the the town she describes or to let my kid around those racist family members of hers.

      Jennifer's daughter is beautiful and she deserves the best life. I've heard of a story before hers where a White woman was accidently impregnated with a Black man's sperm but instead of her constantly being sad about the race of her kid, she seemed happy with her kid. That is how Jennifer's attitude should be. I mean..there are some women who cannot get pregnant,some of their kids are born with life altering birth defects or mental disabilities . Some of them probably WISH they could have Jennifer's daughter.

      Jennifer may struggle dealing with this child being mixed.but she isn't a mistake whatsoever and the almighty might have been a great reason why she gave birth this this child..maybe to out her and her inner prejudices, for that child to be one of the biggest joys in her life or for Jennifer to be a testimony to someone and say " I've been in your shoes .Let me help you out.." Idk,but even if her daughter was born with a birth defect, that child isn't a mistake. Crazy as this may sound, there is a purposeful reason that they're here and for all they know , that kid could bring the best out in that parent.

    8. I agree, but still confused as to why she would want to be there with or without a child. I mean she is pretty much in hiding because if she shows affection to her partner then all heck breaks loose. I'm not gay, but I could not live in a place where some hick might want to rape me to make me straight. I guess she can "hide" the gayness, but not the biracial child.

      After stating that she didn't see a black person until she was in college I wonder why she would want to raise (when she thought the baby would be white) her kid the same way. And if she had to hide her lifestyle what affect would that have on the child. As you stated the kid is going to be pretty messed up.

  4. Man, fuck that kneegrow. Like others have said, soon as a Becky comes bouncing around the corner, he will drop sistah girl like a hot potato.

    And the Angel Craig sayeth unto Felecia, "Bye."

  5. For the life of me, I don't get why some are so willing to skip past the meat of his 'apology' and understand why he's getting this backlash. He outright said he only drew close to BW because he was forced to, and for that we should instantly be Saint Mammy the Ever Forgiving, She of the Comforting Bosom? Uh...no. You had no trouble trashing BW even while you were with the non-BW you truly desired, but BW must take you at your shaky word and grant instant forgiveness because we're skinfolk in 'the same cause'? Hilarious.

    We'll see how 'woke' he remains after he leaves college and has sexual access to non-BW again.

    As for this: "Should we go and pat Tommy Sotomayor on the back too while we’re at it?"

    ^ Did he conveniently see the light after being the best weapon in a BW-Basher's arsenal for YEARS?!

    1. nope. he's still a self-hating bastard.

    2. Saint Mammy the Ever Forgiving, She of the Comforting Bosom


    3. @TheSecretNinja2001 - Ahh, because I didn't remember hell freezing.

    4. "Saint Mammy the Ever Forgiving, She of the Comforting Bosom"....I beg you, please let's me borrow these words.

    5. @Cory - Go forth and spread it, my sister.

  6. So sad but good ending..at least for now.

    This Aiken , South Carolina man just got his baby daughter back after being placed up for adoption. Just when I thought what Jennifer Cramblett was doing to her daughter was bad, this so called ex girlfriend of this man is even a bigger coward. She gets together with Chris, have a love affair with him, then all of a sudden , she comes back to earth and " realizes" that her White family mattered and just threw him and their daughter in the furthest part of the back of the bus. How terrible!

    Now i could imagine when this girl gets older and Chris..or more so..this clip that JuJu Chang have of their interview..how she will have to look at this and be reminded how racist her mother is and didn't want her or the father because of who they are.

    I don't know Chris Emmanuel's attitude towards Black women, I'm not going to judge him,but let's say that he was the kind of man that dogs Black women? Hopefully, he's a brother that respects Black and other races of women,but in case he isn't this dilemna that he had to endure should serve as a lesson to not only men..but also women who think that they can find better because of someone's race. There's nothing wrong with IR/AMBW as long as it is about what it should be ..love. However,when you got that 20 year old guy who just " realized" the truth about Black woman instead of just seeing them as the lovely and honest people that they are, there is a problem. Chris said that he was in love with this woman and thought that the feeling was mutual..not! As a mentioned before,there is not such thing as the perfect race and if people think that otherwise,they are fooling themselves. People should be thinking about good people..not Black,White, Asian, Samoan, Arab or Native American..a GOOD man and let nature take it's course to see who the good lord have in mind and if it is meant for them to be married/relationships.

    Everytime, I look at clips like this, Jennifer's I am remind of why you will not find me bragging/downing my race. I believe that if I did, I would be cursing myself and will be given some spiritual mirror of why I shouldn't do that.Besides, self- respect is something people should have about themselves and their communities. If there dogging them out then it becomes self hate, which I would never want my kids to swallow. People cannot be proud of themselves if they are spewing the very poison that White supremacist uses against us.

    I wish Chris the best with raising his daughter.I hope that when the little girls gets older that her father will speak highly of Black people ..and especially his daughter. One day, she will grow up to be a Black woman and it don't help their esteem when you got some Black men like the guy on that blog downing Black women. To put down your own community is showing weakness.

    (Source: Just go under ABCNews.com under JuJu Chang's link or the title which is entitled "A Father's Right To Win Back His Daughter Secretly Put Up For Adoption". Sept 15 2015)

    1. @M- People should be thinking about good people..not Black,White, Asian, Samoan, Arab or Native American.

      Sadly that is never going to happen. People (everyone) is caught up on color.

    2. Unfortunately,thats the conditioning resulting from White supremacy.


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