Yeah...We Kinda Knew That (#BlackDontCrack)

As some of you know by now, Olay sponsored a Harvard-conducted study which proved something POC knew all along.  Their findings concluded that Black women age about 10 years more slowly than Caucasian women.  And aside from the Daily Mail in the UK, not a whole lot of mainstream sites are eager to broadcast this.

Anyways...cue our lack of surprise.....

Bianca Lawson, aged 36
Naomie Harris, aged 38

Danielle Nicolet, aged 39
Gabrielle Union, aged 42
Nia Long, aged 44
Garcelle Beauvais, aged 48
Halle Berry, aged 48
Gina Ravera, aged 49
Viola Davis, aged 50
Penny Johnson-Jerald, aged 54
Alfre Woodard, aged 62


  1. Black women age so well even black people can't guess how old black women are. I had no idea that Alfre Woodard was 62.

  2. File this under No Shit Sherlock.

  3. Yep.,we knew this all along,not only that but studies have also said that Black women are the most content group when it comes to their weight and that were the most happiest race on earth.

    It shouldnt be news but like you said media dont want folks to read any positives about Blacks because they want the world to think that Black people are a miserable race of people.

  4. yeah this will never make the news in the USA cause they don't like publishing positive stories about black women in general and they definitely don't want to publicize a study suggesting we are better looking than white women in our age group

    It is also my experience that even other black people assume I am younger than I am. I'm 35 and I work for a university, I still get mistaken for an undergrad.

  5. Replies
    1. What for??? Indians age quite nicely, thank you very much.

  6. A guy on my brothers FB swooned over Vanessa Bell Calloway.I had no idea that shes in her late 50s

  7. A friend of mine in Korea thought I was 26~27 when I saw them this weekend. She's known me for over 4 years. I reminded her that she met me when I was 29.


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