Reversion (2015)

Apparently, Aja Naomi King has a movie that is going to be released soon, and I’m ashamed to admit that I had no idea.  It’s called Reversion, a sci-fi/thriller that is slated to have a limited release on Oct. 9 before being released nationally.

The wonderful Shadow & Act put this movie on my radar, and based on the terrific trailer, I’m definitely going to check it out.

Courtesy of Shadow & Act:
"The film stars Aja Naomi King ("How to Get Away with Murder") as Sophie Clé, "a delighted user of the Oubli, a wisp of high-tech jewelry that wraps behind the ear and uses neuroscience to help its users experience their most joyful memories as if they were happening for the first time. In addition to being the head of marketing for the company that makes this revolutionary memory-enhancing wearable device, she is also the daughter of its inventor, Jack Clé (Colm Feore). Sophie’s most joyful memory is the last day she saw her mother alive, fifteen years earlier. But on the eve of the Oubli’s worldwide launch, a stranger named Isa (Jeanette Samano) kidnaps Sophie, setting off a chain of events that remind us all, you can’t escape what you can’t forget."
I can’t even begin to express my excitement over this. It’s not very often we get thrillers, and sci-fi thrillers no less, starring women of color. Especially black women. So to see another talented black actress in this type of role is heartening. And from a business standpoint, it only makes sense.

This time last year, we saw Taraji P. Henson starring in No Good Deed, and most recently, The Perfect Guy, starring Sanaa Lathan. To no ones surprise but the media, both movies were hits and made Screen Gems many millions of dollars on movies with very modest budgets. Here’s hoping for a three-peat.

Check out the trailer and photos from the movie below:





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  1. Aja Naomi King has a movie that is going to be released soon, and I’m ashamed to admit that I had no idea.

    Girl, that makes two of us.

  2. Also hoping for a three-peat, and for the media to stop acting surprised when a melanin-dominant or centric project does well. My gut says the former is a surer bet, though.

  3. Just when it looked as Aja would be a " temp" actresses, seemingly..things are turning up for her and I'm hoping that Reversion will be a blockbuster for her..and us.

    I went to see The Perfect Guy a couple of weeks back and I thought that it was a great flick. You couldn't go wrong to have two good looking men to steal Sanaa's heart and a beautiful woman who..along with Michael and Morris..did some great acting. It's one thing for Morris and Michael to be in this movie..and maybe it's just me but Sanaa ..so far..hasn't been in a movie/series that has failed. I mean she's who guys say is sexy , versatile and sophisticated. In the Perfect Guy there was drama, humor, horror,mystery and romance all in one.I remembered reading the predictable reviews about it and you know when it comes to White folks evaluating Black movies and/or Black casts.." It's not for our demographic.." but it was number one,along with Straight Outta Compton.

    They say that " Black" drama movies( I hate when critics say that because it's about what you like) or those Black leads won't do well. That's funny,the last two with Black people in it has done well and made it to number one. Black lead series like " Empire" are doing well and the credit is being given to Taraji..who was also nominated for an Emmy and though " Scandal" isn't what it once was people are still watching it and Kerry was nominated for and Emmy .

    Sadly...it had to take Hollywood this long to get the message. I remembered the soap opera " Generations" and how happy I was to see a predominate Black family be on the other side of the show. Though it didn't do well, I'm glad to see the Generation-esque influence out there...reminding people that Black people can act and given the right cast, directors and storylines, Black pictures can do just as well..as other Hollywood pictures. Let Black people tell their stories THEIR way.

  4. i love sci-fi movies i'm so excited for this, i will keep an eye out for this! i had no idea about this movie either, it seems like when it comes to black leads unless you're Will Smith, Queen Latifah, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, or some other well known black actor they will not really market for the movie and then when it flops they blame it on the black leads instead of what it was, bad marketing. i'm going to tell ALL of my friends about this movie.

  5. This movie looks good and I love seeing movies staring black people that aren't about relationship drama but I bet it won't be showing in San Antonio. *sigh* all well.

  6. How do we find out where this is playing?

    1. https://www.amctheatres.com/movies/reversion


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