Black Girls' Night Out: Edwards & Pierce

I know another Shondaland show is not what some of you are looking for right now, especially not one which has failed Black so profoundly in the past as Grey's Anatomy, but after accidentally catching the last two episodes with the new roommate, I was intrigued.

Jerrika Hinton first joined the cast back during Season 9 (Season 12 is currently airing) as Dr. Stephanie Edwards who, like all interns on the show, was nerdy and insecure.  As it turned out, she's become a genius surgeon, which creates an issue with one of her fellow doctors, a white woman who's trying to figure out why Stephanie has such a drive and is so gifted.  When Jo - the white doctor - finds out that Stephanie suffered from sickle-cell disease as a child, she somehow reasons that that experience is what's fueling Stephanie's exceptional abilities.

Stephanie, who ain't got time for this bullshit, provides an epic response:
You understand me more because I was sick? You can't even wrap your mind around it, can you? That I might be better at this and you are, that I might be stronger or smarter or more savvy. You need a reason for me to have an edge up on you. You need some deep, dark secret motivating me, operating circles around you. You need an even playing field before you can even be good with me. Okay. Wow. Stop trying to make us even, Jo, cause we're not even. (Source)
She should've ended it with a mic drop.

One of the reasons Stephanie was not enough to draw me in back when Season 9 was airing was due to her storyline with the infamous fox Jackson Avery (portrayed by the one and only Jesse Williams).  It was a story we've seen way too many times in television: Guy Meets Black Girl while on the Rebounds; Guy Sleeps with Black Girl for a While; Guy Breaks Up with Black Girl for the White Girl Who Dumped Him.  While I was excited at the thought of a fine, young Black woman finally having some sexy adventures on Grey's Anatomy, this was not what I had in mind.

From what I've read on the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Wiki, Edwards has not been given a new love interest since Jackson.  Need I remind you, they started hooking up in Season 9.  We're now on Season 12.

Remember back when I said the CW's Emily Owens, MD was the bastard love child of Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy?  How ironic that three years later, I see Kelly McCreary playing a doctor again...on Grey's Anatomy.

Before I continue, I need to point out that yes, Kelly McCreary is Clare Tucker from Scandal, not Aasha Davis (Racey) from The Unwritten Rules.  I've noticed that folks online tend to confuse the two.  Maybe they should collaborate and play sisters or something.

Moving on...I'm currently working my way through Season 9 on Netflix, and I've read that Kelly will join the cast in Season 10 as Dr. Margaret "Maggie" Pierce.  And get this...she's Meredith Grey's half-sister.  Yeah, apparently Ellis Grey gave her up for adoption and failed to mention it to the rest of us.

Maggie is currently the new head of Cardiothoracic Surgery.  She's also sleeping with admittedly cute intern, but how come he had to be another white dude?  I mean...is a Blasian/Blacktino/Black Love couple that scary in Shondaland????

Whenever there is a brown couple in Shondaland (regardless of the combination), it's often short-lived and/or tragic:
  •  Dr. Preston Burke left Dr. Cristina Yang at the altar on Grey's Anatomy.
  • Sam and Maya Bennett literally started out divorced on Private Practice.
  • Dr. Bailey's first husband divorced her on Grey's Anatomy.
  • Chief Webber's wife Adele got Alzheimer's and died after her husband cheated on her for years with Ellis Grey (Grey's Anatomy).
  • Maya Pope turned out to actually be Maria Wallace, a terrorist who pretended to give a shit about her husband Eli while she was cheating on him with some white dude she was willing to let die (Scandal).
  • The Olivia Pope/Senator Davis relationship was a joke and everybody knew it (Scandal).
  • Diego Munoz was forced to abandon his wife Kim and son Javier, and assume the persona of Huck Finn after being broken by B613 (Scandal).
  • Dr. Jackson Avery dumped Dr. Stephanie Edwards at the wedding of his ex-girlfriend.  He literally stood up mid-wedding and expressed his love (Grey's Anatomy).
  • Harrison Wright and Adnan Salif, after briefly "reuniting", both end up with bullets in their heads (Scandal).
  • Olivia Pope briefly rebounded with that really good-looking dude, What's-his-face (played by Brian J. White) .  Turns out, he was just another one of her father's B613 agents (Scandal).
And these are just the ones I remember off the top of my head....


  1. Weber married Jackon's mom (Debbie Allen) last season.

    1. Yeah, and they've been on the rocks. But since they seemed to have worked things out, they didn't make the dysfunctional list.

    2. As for the dating couplings. I don't have a problem with it. Yes it would be nice to see an AM/BW or LM/BW couple for once. Heck more than once. No one complains when BM are paired with anyone, but a BW. I'm thinking Shonda displays what she sees most of.

  2. A mic drop would have been the best way to end that little chat. Spot-damn-on!

    Also, Grey's Anatomy is still on????


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