Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt

I'm going to begin my inevitable return to Shondaland with a congratulations to Ms. Viola Davis for her historic and overdue Emmy win.  Her win and her speech and her overall awesomeness are the main reason I'm bothering with Season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder, which - I must admit - has started off rather well.

That being said, so did Season 1.

Y'all, Annalise really needs to get her world in order.  She is, quite literally, drowning in bodies and surrounded by idiot murderers.  I mean, her deceased hubby Sam had his mistress murdered.  Then Annalise's students accidentally murdered Sam, in defense of Wes's drug-dealing girlfriend Rebecca.  The at the end of Season 1, someone murders Rebecca.

Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off, letting us know fairly quickly the Bonnie the Blonde Lawyer thought it would be a genius idea to kill Rebecca and leave her corpse in the basement.  Luckily, Annalise and Frank, her hitter/killer/hacker for hire associate, are smart and quick enough to pretend one of the Keating Five let Rebecca go, while disposing of the body (correctly this time).

Meanwhile, Annalise is trying to get Nate out of jail and free of his murder charge.  To do so, she calls up someone who specializes in such cases.  Turns out, it's an ex-girlfriend from college (Eve Rothlo, portrayed by Famke Janssen), and while I'm all for Annalise being bisexual, having Famke Janssen on the show is a lot like having Lisa Kudrow show up on Scandal - it's stunt casting.  People keep talking about the steaminess of their sex scene and the raw chemistry between the two - I wasn't buying all of it, but I was glad to see Annalise actually seem happy with a lover for a change, rather than manipulative or inexplicably needy.  It would appear she prefers the company of a woman (I mean, who wouldn't?).  That being said, I think a Latina (like Rosie Perez) or Asian actress (like Tamlyn Tomita) would've been great for the role of Eve.

Eve successfully gets Nate off the murder charge, however, she does it by really cutting into Annalise on the stand.  After all, Annalise did leave her for Sam, and I think we can all agree that none of us will ever forgive that.  Since the DA's office also has it out for Annalise, the judge, quite understandably, wonders allowed who's on trial here: Annalise or Nate?

Both go free, but Annalise still has to deal with her newest train-wreck clients; an adopted brother and sister accused of killing their blindingly rich parents.  Though the son is black and the daughter Asian, they have this odd, quiet, incestuous-type relationship that makes you just wanna hop into the nearest shower and turn the hot water on full blast.

Now, I feel I need to bring up Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King).  Congrats to Miss King on her film Reversion; may it sell may tickets and garner many accolades.

Miss "Prom Queen" of the infamous Keating Five is officially BFFs with Connor, which I like, but she's also fallen prey to the tragic-taste-in-men trope with I find annoying.  This is fucking Michaela Pratt: a dark chocolate bombshell in law school.  In real life, someone with her personality, self-confidence, sense of style, and sharp intelligence would be able to manage a decent dating life.  I get that her disastrous engagement to Aidan the Closet Case has left her rattled (hitting on yet another gay man in the bar this season didn't help either), but come on, girl - get over it.  Go out of town for the weekend, find a nice clean bar, pick up a cutie, knock back a few shots, and make some pleasant new memories.  How hard is that?

Another problem I'm seeing with Michaela is the same Pairing Problem du Jour: Aidan and the Gay Guy in the Bar are both black; yet the guy who finally shows interest in her is not only possibly a friend of Rebecca's trying to track her down, but he's also white.

Seriously, ABC, stop pairing every woman of color with either a white guy or a white woman.  Believe or not, men and women of color are typically the first choice for like 90% of us.  When Laurel (Karla Souza) was briefly dating Khan (Arjun Gupta), I was like, "Cool...a Latina and an Indian guy."  But that perfectly healthy combo was torpedoed because Laurel couldn't seem to get over Frank the White Dude.  Lame.

Anyways, last season Sam Keating's murder was the centerpiece of the show, given to us via flashback.  This season, Annalise herself is the one lying in pool of blood on the floor with her idiot students panicking above her.  Unlike most viewers, I'm not surprised; I expected it sooner or later in the series, but not so soon.  Even so, this season appears to be fairly interesting thus far.


  1. I did watch HTGAWM and I was shocked.

    What's up with Annalise being stabbed? Did I miss something? I believe that I did and about the brother and sister ..my god! I don't drink but this will be my first one looking at that..lol! I don't know why this particular scene remind me of a real life scenario that was in the news * snapping my fingers to remember it* I could be wrong.

    You know it's not Shonda if there isn't any interracial loving in her pictures which is fine but I agree can't Black women have a non-White lover/spouse? I was surprised when her lover was a Black man that Annalise had behind Sam's back . I thought that was good. Still, she needs to change who pair the actresses with and you're absolutely right about that 90 percent stat but Shonda forgets that.

    I hear that Shonda is supposed to be creating another Medical show. Shonda is doing too much and I believe it's showing because she was all over the place with Scandal.

  2. To be fair to Laurel, the actress who plays her is white Mexican. She is latina but she isn't really a woman of color. She's essentially a white woman from a rich white Mexican background, hence her prior acting experiences in Mexico. The same opportunities would not have been afforded her had she been Afro-Mexican or indigenous.

    1. That's the only thing that bugs me some when it comes to this part. It kind of reminds me of how they'll some fairer skinned Black actresses are done. Creators want mixed pairing between them but then again they don't. They put a Black woman in it but their color have to be just enough for White people to " relate" to her. Now that I know she's a Mexican woman, it's a welcome change. Still it's a case of her being Latina,but they still want their viewing audience to see her as a White woman..no mention of her heritage on the show.

      " The same opportunities would not have been afforded her had she been Afro-Mexican ir indigenous'

      You know it and that has always bugged me and with the exception of the US, Europe and Canada, most of the would has this " White-is-right" TV mentality. I mean you look at Spanish TV like Telenovela or Univision, the whole channel is almost White. I was highly surprised when Ilia Calderon became head anchor for Univision news and I think a Black sportscaster was on there ( not sure may have been Telenovela). Otherwise,you're not going to see too many Black people on there unless 1) They are in non-interactive stereotypical roles such as a maid and/or movies/commercials that are from the states and is translated into Spanish. A year or two ago Univision said that they were going to add more Blacks on their station. I haven't watched it in a while, but the last time I seen it which was a year ago, it looked the same.

      With all due respect to both channels, most Latin American countries will boast about their melting pots yet it isn't shown on their TV stations. I can't be diverse if one of more groups is not being shown on there.

    2. From what I have seen Univision is still majority blancos.

  3. I agree that the white/WOC pairings are hackneyed and boring as shit. If Wes wasn't so weird I would want him paired with Michaela. Conrad should be paired with the black guy he was dating before or someone way more attractive. Connor is funny but he's not attractive.

    1. Even if Wes wasn't weird him and Michaela would be a bad pairing. There is just no chemistry between them. I would say bring someone else in like Laz Alonso. A much better fit.

    2. " Even if Wes wasn't weird him and Michaela would be a bad pairing. There is just no chemistry between them. I would say bring someone else in like Laz Alonzo. A much better fit."

      Imagine that? it would be nice if he could play Michaela's boyfriend.

    3. It would nice if he could play my boyfriend!

  4. As far as Annalise I'm not crazy about the direction the character is taking. She is still acting her booty off, but I'm over the whole bisexual, two timing shtick. I want to know more about her life before she became a lawyer. Are there more skeletons waiting to jump out of the coffin?

    "In real life, someone with her personality, self-confidence, sense of style, and sharp intelligence would be able to manage a decent dating life." --You know how many women I know that fits that description and still manage to date/marry train wreck after train wreck? So that is kind of true to life. She had a plan and now is gone. She is looking for another golden goose.

    1. Yes, but they'd most likely be heterosexual train wrecks. This pitiful excuse of a running gag that Michaela-only-hits-on-gay-guys got old the moment we realized Aidan and Connor had had sex in their youth. It's lazy writing.


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