Black Girls' Night Out: Keating & Pratt (#HTGAWM)

Critics of HTGAWM 2x4 agree that there was just way too much going on in this week's episode.

In addition to the flash forward of Annalise being rescued by an ambulance, we had her defending a spoiled mean girl who helped murder a member of her click, we have a Michaela-centric episode (finally), AND we finally met Nate Lahey's wife Nia.  Not to mention, this episode shows Viola Davis wearing THE best makeup since the show's inception.

I still need to catch my breath after all that.

We'll begin with Nia Lahey, who calls Annalise from Nate's phone.  Their conversation, which continues in person, is beyond awkward.  Nia is surprisingly forgiving of the woman who's been banging her husband while she's been rotting on a hospital bed.  The writers try to convince us that she's happy Nate has someone to "comfort" while the doctors struggle to keep her alive.

She then asks Annalise to assist in her suicide.

And while Annalise wrestles with that drama, she is handed the obligatory rich-white-girls-killed-their-"BFF"-and-are-trying-to-worm-their-way-out-of-consequences plotline which I swear eventually shows up in every legal procedural and true crime drama.  Like...if they had removed just that plot thread, the episode would have been infinitely better.

Thank the gods, Connor lifts an incriminating video off the defendant's phone and sneaks it to the prosecution, because that bitch needed to go to jail - period.  Connor seems to be the only person with a conscience this week (I credit Oliver's influence), and I tend to agree that these cases can't always be about winning and letting murderers go free.  For fuck's sake, in the video, the defendant was already planning her next a victim, specifically a teacher who gave her a C.

Kids, these days....

But back to Connor, who points out that being a part of the Keating 5 is a lot like being part of a murderous, mean girl clique, run by Annalise Keating herself.  He observes that she bullies and humiliates students in class, she elevates the K5 above the others, then works them all the time so they have no lives outside of her little world; she also pits members of the K5 against one another in constant competition so they don't unite and break free.

But as Annalise later reminds Connor, they can't break free.  Connor thinks he can't because Frank will be sent to kill him later, but Annalise instead points out that she still has Connor's car stashed away, the one with Sam Keating's blood.

And for the first time in a long time, I suddenly remembered that fear people feel towards Annalise.

Meanwhile, Michaela Pratt is tasked to confirm once and for all if the rich siblings accused of killing their parents (finally remembered their names, Caleb and Catherine Hapstall) are screwing.  Despite the fact that Catherine somehow passes a "virginity test" (seriously), I'm still convinced she's fucking her brother.  If not, they're at least going down on each other, or something, because there is no way in hell their relationship is not incestuous.

If it's not, then I doff my hat to the writers for an excellent fakeout.

It also seems Michaela is catchin' feelings for Caleb (Kendrick Sampson is cute, after all).  She shares with him that she was adopted as well.  Not by billionaires, but people she's doesn't really relate to either, which would explain why we still haven't met her (or Wes's) family.  And why is that?  How come the white kids all have families but the black kids are orphans on this show?  What is that about?

And speaking of Wes, he's teamed up with Nate and Michaela's new lover Levi (who turns out to be Rebecca's foster brother, mind you).  Their goal is to find out what really happened to Rebecca, especially now that Levi found out that the guy Frank called to dump the body works at a cemetery.

Is anyone else not caring about Rebecca?  Or Wes anymore, for that matter?  Or Asher and whatever it was he did at Trotter Lake to make him the DA's bitch?

And speaking of Asher, why is Bonnie telling him that she killed Sam Keating?????

Anyways, thanks to Connor's tampering, Mean Girl goes to jail.  Annalise decides not to help Nia commit suicide, admitting that she herself thinks about committing it all the time, but if she doesn't deserve to die, then Nia certainly doesn't.  And if the final flash forward tells us anything, it seems Caleb is the one who almost killed Annalise, the kids (and Nate) are protecting him, and there's a good chance he and Michaela may have something going on.

Which, quite frankly, I wouldn't object to.

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