Black Girls' Night Out: Pope, Keating, & Pratt

All right, Shondaland.  I'll bite.

Correction: I was willing to bite at the end of Season 5's Episode 2, when Olivia Pope publicly admitted to being the President's mistress, and I thought that for the first time in 3 years, something both new and welcome was about to happen on Scandal.


Three episodes.  Three episodes.  After 2 years of complaints, three measly episodes were how long the staff went before bringing back Papa Pope and the spectre of B-613.

Three episodes.

Mind you, Olitz is now public record, Mellie and Cyrus have finally joined forces, there's plenty of potential for scandalous political drama...and yet someone actually thought that now would be the perfect time to bring back B-6-fucking-13.

Moving on, then....

Y'all best be glad I won that Emmy....
How to Get Away with Murder fared only slightly better by presenting us with a forgettable filler episode whose theme was sex and what it has to do with murder cases (apparently, everything).

So the adopted siblings on trial for killing their parents are screwing (called it!), and now the prosecution has a solid motive for murder.  They believe the parents found out their kids were screwing and were going to cut them out of the will.

Meanwhile, Eve is sending Annalise cute texts, asking her where she got her sheets 'cause they were so comfortable.  Their relationship really is heartwarming compared to, say, Annalise/Sam or Annalise/Nate.  And speaking of Nate Lahey, Nate is thoroughly pissed at Annalise, who is decent enough to get him a security job after blackmailing the father of a prostitute.

The flash-forward sequence also shows Nate isn't going anywhere, so I wonder if this means he and Annalise might hook up again later on, possibly to create more drama with Eve?

Michaela Pratt is just killing me on this show.  I feel like HTGAWM is wasting Aja Naomi King's time.  The sex episode revealed she's never had an orgasm, and she had to stand there stuttering about not wanting to be sex-shamed while her fellow students gawked and silently sex-shamed her.

Connor thinks it's a genius idea to take her to a sex party to supposedly get in touch with her G-spot; it doesn't happen, of course, because they're really there to investigate a madam Annalise is defending.  Which left me wondering....why did Connor make such a big deal about their going to a sex party if Michaela wasn't actually going to get it on with anyone?  *blink*  They're literally there for, like, 5 minutes!!!

The only other person who seems as boring as Michaela right now is Laurel (and, well, Waitlist Wes); even Asher may have a murdered someone in his past (which is how the DA's been blackmailing him to spy on Annalise).  So now we have yet another possible killer skulking around Annalise.

I get it; when you have a large number of characters to balance, it can be difficult to make each one interesting.  That's why the writers need to hop onto Netflix and watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to see how it's done properly, 'cause this is some bullshit.  Annalise has so much going on in her own life (Nate, Eve, Sam, Bonnie, the trial) that her students are starting seem unnecessary.

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