Black Girls' Night Out: The Sisters Mills #SleepyHollow

Anyone else suddenly hearing the theme of Bad Girls Club Season 5?

I'm taking over for FangirlU a.k.a. Cin a.k.a. Cinnamon and I hope to do this series justice.  I wanted to hold off until I got a good enough feel for Season 3 before I started scribbling my thoughts.

On the up side, Season 3 of Sleepy Hollow is the most polished, cohesive season to date.  I can see that the stylists and writers are really working together in effort to get their shit together.  Thus, we have a villainess introduced upfront; this time around it's the Sumerian version of Pandora (Shannyn Sossamon, whom I actually like), and she's apparently in town to create fear and panic (via a monster-of-the-week format) while secretly nurturing an ominous-looking flowering tree down below.  Um...okay.  There's also a 4000-year-old Sumerian stone carving depicting our two Witnesses, except the Sumerians called them nappalatu (?), meaning "destroyer(s)."

Um...alrighty then.

Abbie and Ichabod both got sleek new haircuts, and Abbie's makeup artist this time around is seriously only point.  As much I initially twitched at the thought of Ichabod losing his ponytail, the new 'does actually worked out pretty well for both actors.

Meanwhile, Jenny has teamed up with August Corbin's son to find why the buying and selling of artifacts was so important.  While I tend to roll my eyes at the addition of yet another white dude - and would've preferred the return of Andy Brooks in some form - I can't argue with the fact that this addition kinda makes sense.  I always felt they should've never killed off Clancy Brown (Sheriff Corbin) so quickly in Season 1, so bringing him back by way of his estranged son could potentially work.

Abbie is finally an FBI agent working with an old flame (portrayed by Lance Gross) and while he doesn't contribute all that much, he's a suave, clean-cut black man in a well-tailored suit.  *shrug*  Works for me AND it adds another POC to the main cast.

Of course...someone thought it would be a genius idea that since Abbie's now a Fed, she and Ichabod should have some sort of relationship with the cast of Bones, hence this week's 2-part Halloween crossover.  No, no, no, and no.  Bones is the perfect example of everything gone wrong on FOX while Sleepy Hollow is an example of everything which could still go right.  That crossover made absolutely no sense to me; I thought Ichabod's charm was wasted on Temperance Brennan, and I felt it was a random reveal that Seeley Booth once knew August Corbin.  Um...yeah, right.

Lemme level with y'all: Sleepy Hollow, New York is basically the East Coast's version of Sunnydale, California.  Ergo, if you really want a cool Halloween crossover that'll make the fans squee and break the internet, then you call Joss Whedon and politely ask which Slayer you can borrow for a night or two (my vote is Faith Lehane).  *loud sigh* I mean, is it really that hard?  FOX owes Eliza Dushku anyway.

I'm going to ignore the Betsy Ross storyline because as with other critics and commenters...it's just best to pretend like it's not happening.  It's that laughable.  Like the new blossoming  Zoe/Ichabod romance...I just...#ICant.

But it will be interesting to see where Season 3 goes, so here's hoping next week's ep is good enough to cleanse the nasty aftertaste of Bones.  *crosses fingers*


  1. Unfortunately, I didn't watch the second episode of SH. I was unimpressed by the first one that I gave up on it. it would have been nice to see what Lance Gross and he him and Abbie was going to act towards each other.

    I also agree with you about the Bones/SH combo. What was the purpose of it? I don't know about other people, but Bones doesn't do it for me. As long as it has been on, I cannot seem to get into it . With that show and SH, couldn't get excited about it. I'll try to watch again next week and give it another shot. Now that Lance may be an occasional guest on there ( just maybe since he is playing Abbie's ex). I want to see which way he and Abbie goes romantic or not.

    1. I think this is FOX's half-assed way of trying to get people interested in Bones again. Needless to say, epic fail.

    2. " I think this is FOX's half-assed way of trying to get people interested in Bones again, Needless to say, epic fail".

      Yes Lord, it is.Zzzzz!

  2. Bless. After last season, I just couldn't do it, and despite the show being infinitely better this season, the magic of the first season is long gone. The show has gotten formulaic. They don't seem to want to take risks anymore, preferring to remain safe and rather...boring.

    Crane has every woman he meets enamored of him, but Abbie is once again being written as the strong black women that doesn't need a man. Daniel is there, but there has been no forward motion on that. All her relationships are in the past/shown offscreen. But she's playing black best friend to Crane as she encourages him to call Zoe. Abbie dresses as Beyoncé for Halloween, and the writers have Crane not remark on her looks when he's only ever seen her in her police/FBI gear? Yet he sees Zoe dressed up as Betsy Ross (gag!) and calls her effervescent? Nah, son. That's not even remotely realistic. Someone on the Bones crew can call Abbie beautiful, yet no one on Sleepy Hollow has ever outwardly acknowledged how gorgeous she is? Really, show?

    All that, along with the terrible, horrible, no good Betsy Ross character (who might even be worse than Katrina if that's even possible), have made this show a no-go for me. They still fucking up imo, and haven't learned a damn thing.

    1. I'm just imagining some guy trying to get amused with a Besty Ross outfit..ugh! not a good look.

    2. I noticed these deficiencies as well, and I have to wonder exactly what goes on in the staff meetings. Do they have any sistahs working behind the camera?


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