Black Girl Music: Tiffany Evans

 (Formerly known as our Music Sisters series, Black Girl Music will focus on, well, Black female artists.)

Let's talk Tiffany Evans.

But before we do, I've been doing this weird thing lately where I pay for actual music with actual money from my paycheck.  I do this so I know whom I'm supporting, and my money generally goes to artists of color because let's be honest: we make the best music.  Also, because POC artists aren't seen as cash cows and potential record-breakers (read: a major priority), their albums tend to be shorter (so less "filler songs") and thus reasonably affordable.

After all, I'm one of those Black women with an advanced education and a full-time job.  If I'm gonna spend my dough on music, it might as well be on music by a sistah.

Now, I'll keep it real; like millions of other people, I recently bought Adele's most recent album 25 (I already own 19 and 21).  I paid way more than my usual limit for an album, only to find I like exactly two songs: "Hello" and "I Miss You."  I was then immediately reminded of a blog post I recently read about how we need support our own female chanteuses a lot more.  The OP wrote about Jazmine Sullivan as an example because like Adele, she's a hella gifted singer, a bigger woman, and unapologetic about her size, but not getting nearly as much love and praise as Adele.  Right after reading that, I went and bought a bunch of Jazmine's music.  And while Adele sings some catchy and memorable songs, she doesn't make me feel like Jazmine does.  While Adele is soulful and earthy, she still pales in comparisons to the divas she emulates.

So now I'm back to checking in our own musical sisters, and I started off by buying Tiffany Evan's album All Me (just released on October 30, 2015) after randomly deciding to sample it on Amazon.  Of course, I loved every track.  I was in the mood for some R & B with a modern groove that I could drive to. It cost me $6.74 including tax for seven songs, and it was worth every cent.  "TMI" is my favorite track.

I'm annoyed that I'm just now learning about this woman, but that's usually how it goes.

Anyhoo, Miz Tiffany Evans is currently 23, but has a music, dancing, and acting career going all the way back to when she was 9.  I love her voice; she's got that sweet, effortless voice which just puts me in a good mood.  And even though she's not singing about social issues, heartbreak, loss, and the like, she can still make me feel.

Feel free to hook us up with suggestions for this series.  We need to support these women because we already know no one else will.  When I last checked, Adele had a net worth of $55 million, and since she just broke NSYNC's 15-year record in opening week sales, that number's about to skyrocket.  Meanwhile, Jazmine Sullivan is still in the $7-8 million range and after working for 14 years in film, TV, and music, Tiffany Evans has yet to break $2 million.



  1. This is an amazing artice! I love Tiffany Evans. Her music is dope and her range is even crazier.

  2. Waka Flocka Flame once remarked how White women( singers/rappers) were " poppin". Though most folk was uncomfortable with what he said..as well as myself, sadly, unfortunately,he's not totally lying about.

    For a minute there..at least at the first picture..I thought that you were talking about Faith Evans. Though she wasn't the person you're discussing,but whether it's Tiffany , in this case, or Faith..they both deserve praise for their music.

    Black women like Tiffany needs all of the support from us. Like you said, now that White women like Adele out there , the world feels that they can listen to a woman who they can "relate" to and no longer have to listen to Black singers.

    I was looking at Jazmine Sullivan's net worth and Tiffany only 2. Are you serious? Wow, such great singers and that is all she is worth..then again as long as there is quality White R and B singers like Adele out there, fans and music execs will put their attention on them.

  3. You ain't said nothin' but a word! I been needing to update my iTunes. $6.74 sounds like a steal.

    1. I'm finding way too many neglected sistahs which cheap EPs, boo. Like, on the one hand, I can support them, pay for their music, and it's not too expensive...but on the other hand, I know they deserve so much better.


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