Black Girls' Night Out: Bonnie Bennett (#TVD)

Here’s my issue with the whole Bonnie and Enzo thing: Bonnie is awesome now, and Enzo is terrible. I don’t want awesome Bonnie saddled with terrible Enzo. She deserves better. (Also, it’s so typical of this show to finally give Bonnie a love interest again and potentially have the entirety of their courtship happen offscreen.) (Source)
Okay, so I should've mentioned in the last post that TVD is doing "flash forwards" this season, in which we get a glimpse of the characters' of lives three years from now. Everyone was really looking forward to Bonnie's ('cause like I foretold y'all, she's taking the throne this season), but then viewers collectively vomited when we saw her in a rehab/asylum-type facility kissing the vampire Lorenzo a.k.a. "Enzo" (portrayed by actor Michael Malarkey).

Now...I know I've been out of the TVD game for a while, but nine seconds into Season 6 I could tell he was that sort of character who was added to the show, you know, "cuz", and then overstayed his welcome.

No offense to the actor, but...ewww.  No.  That was a major fail.  The whole reason folks are still watching this show right now is for Bonnie, specifically to see her hook up with Damon or Kai, should he be brought back from the dead.  Enzo was never part of the agreement.

Not much happened with Bonnie in this episode because our Anti-Heroic Trio was sort of split up this time around; Alaric had to deal with the fact that Phoenix Stone brings back long lost vampire souls, so the person in his wife's body is not his wife.  Damon took off with his brother and a Heretic vamp to go burn another Heretic vamp.  They failed, of course, but the episode did end with Damon swearing bloody vengeance against his mother (who's also a vampire) over shots with Bonnie.

So here's hoping next week that we see more Bonnie, and that something happens in the past to keep her from ever swapping spit with Enzo, like, ever.


  1. Ugh, Enzo is worse than Jeremy. At least Jeremy was cute and somewhat heroic. It seems like all relationships with Bonnie are borne out of manipulation or are just there to prop up a lackluster white male character. We will probably never get Bamon, but this right here is just insulting. My brain pretty much shuts off whenever Caroline/Steffan are on-screen. Bores the piss out of me.

    1. Well, now...someone's been been keeping tabs on the show!

      What did you think of Bonnie and Kai?

    2. Marona here lol. I liked Bonkai. Kai is no worse than Damon considering his actions but he's played by a very charming actor and there was potential for his character to become a member of the group. But alas the writers of this show rarely want us to have interesting things. Kat just has chemistry with just about everyone, they always have to downplay her appeal or leave her in the plot box.

  2. Hey guys, I hope you're all well :) Haven't been around much, so I wanted to pop in and say hello. I've kept up to date with TVD last season so I'm glad that you got the chance to see the Bamon/Bonkai moments.

    Although Benzo's growing on me, as per your other post, I agree with you. Bonkai's chemistry was amazing and they had the potential to set entire episodes on fire lol Suppose I'll have to stick with writing and reading fanfic for those two, though, since the writers preferred pairing him with Damon over Bonnie despite viewer feedback. :/ Can't say I'm surprised.

    Since the Benzo scenes this season are pretty forced, I take from them what cuteness I can. The non-kissing ones sometimes turn out okay (this latest episode had some nice ones) and I like their banter. Damon-lite, I know, but I can swallow the idea of those two together better than I can Bamon now that she's tied to Elena and Damon considered letting her get run over and die this season.

    Also happy that Enzo has a better general chance of survival than Jeremy did and is probably the most loyal and attentive person she'd be able to find out of the remaining group, due to his lack of attachment to the other characters. I'd have entertained her pairing up with Malcolm, too, actually, as, like Kol, Klaus and Kai, I think they could have really done some interesting stuff with such pairings, but we saw what happened to them all, unfortunately. Then there's Beau, but they don't even let the poor guy do sign language, for goodness sakes. I have to say, at least, Enzo's better than her being paired with Alaric lol

    1. I joke that Beau is their silent negro slave. I feel they just added him for quota sake so it's convenient that he has no ability to communicate whatsoever. Just does as he's told. But girl, that shit they pulled with Alaric and Caroline. Jesus fucking christ. They should have just let him die cause no teenage vampire needs to be carrying his dead children.

      The Benzo banter this latest episode wasn't too bad. But most anything involving Bonnie is extremely brief. And you would hope his chances of survival are better. I think due in part to his lack of connection with other people. Jeremy was unfortunately Elena's brother so his chances of mortality were pretty damn high lol.

      I'm hoping Kat will consider kickstarting/ crowdfunding her own show when this is over. Like Reagan Gomez. She could do something related to the Bonnie character or something completely original.

    2. I joke that Beau is their silent negro slave. I feel they just added him for quota sake so it's convenient that he has no ability to communicate whatsoever. Just does as he's told.

      So it's not just me then!!!!!

    3. @Marona
      Ohh, I agree with you completely. They couldn't even let him have telepathic powers. Nothing. Yet he can still use his powers without any chanting whatsoever? Quota hire, indeed. Oddly enough, too, Plec was just featured in an article about diversity. I couldn't help but laugh.

      Good thing about Enzo is that he's a writer favorite, I think, much like Matt is (Plec apparently said she refuses to kill Matt off), so there's that, at least. Hopefully the theory that Lily and Julian are in Bonnie and Enzo's bodies aren't true. That Alaric though... there are no words for what they did to Caroline. Just... I can't. They really need to consider not using their female characters as little more than vessels for abuse and being used against their will. >,< We'll have to see if it gets worse.

      Would love if Kat branched out with the web series idea though. She did a great job when pairing up with Damon and Alaric in ep. 3 and it had me wishing they were actually in a spin off or separate show with just those three. In their scenes, things like lighting, music, camera angles and the character blocking reminded me so much my favorite parts of the Blade series. :)

      My apologies for going slightly off-topic. Wasn't sure where to put this, but wanted to recommend a British/French show called "Death in Paradise" in case you like crime dramas. It's set in the Caribbean, so they've done an interesting job with casting Black women.

    4. She did a great job when pairing up with Damon and Alaric in ep. 3 and it had me wishing they were actually in a spin off or separate show with just those three.

      Everyone keeps saying this and I totally agree. But we know it won't happen because if those three get their own spin-off, no one will watch The Vampire Diaries. Especially if said series features Kai in a recurring role.

      And thanks for the recommendation - I'll have to check it out.


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