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Taking the Throne: Bonnie Bennett on #TVD

Oh, yes...I'm going there.

I told you guys before: if Bonnie fans were happy with Season 7, I'd take a second look at this show.  Not only are Bonnie fans happy, but the general consensus is that best parts of The Vampire Diaries Season 7 are the adventures of Bonnie, Damon, and Alaric.

Of course, taking a second look at this show meant sifting through Season 6 to see all the "Bamon" chemistry people were talking about between Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder).  And on the one hand, fans weren't exaggerating.  The actors played off each other very well.  Where the characters were concerned, being stuck in mystical prison where they lived the same day over and over again in 1994 (while retaining their memories) for four months really brought them close together.

But here's where we ran into a catch for Bonnie fans.  While Damon and Bonnie were developing an emotional bond that was admittedly beautiful, moving, and touching, they had the misfortune to come across the prison's intended captive, Malachai "Kai" Parker, portrayed magnificently (and terrifyingly) by Chris Wood.

Kai was a sociopathic sorcerer, the member of a coven, and one half of a twin set. As a twin, he was technically next in line to rule said coven until his parents felt he was, well, "unfit". So, to eliminate rivals to the metaphorical throne, Kai started slaughtering a bunch of his siblings. Before he could kill them all, his coven imprisoned him in the year 1994, forcing him to relive the day of his massacre. After days of quietly stalking Damon and Bonnie, Kai realized he'd just found his way out - through the blood of a Bennett witch.

But here's what ignited the Bonnie fanbase more than I'd ever seen before. If the chemistry between Damon and Bonnie was charming and convincing, the chemistry between Bonnie and Kai was downright electrifying. I'm talking scary hot. Seriously, just Google "Bonnie and Kai" and you will find a plethora of mesmerizing gifs, YouTube videos, and fanfics. There are simply too many to post and link here.

Chris Wood
And it didn't help that both the showrunner Julie Plec and actor Chris Wood both confirmed Kai was indeed attracted to Bonnie. Problem was, he was also royally fucked in the head, and thus never could learn to express his attraction a healthy manner, no matter how hard he tried (I mean, dude kidnapped Bonnie, held her hostage, and terrorized the ever living hell out of her).

I don't think their searing chemistry was ever the intention of the staff, however, so I just blame Chris Wood and Kat Graham for perversely confusing the viewers.

And though Kai died at the end of Season 6 I do hope that he's brought back in some saner, more palatable incarnation to consummate...whatever the hell that was he had going on with Bonnie (OR the two actors could pull a #Kavan, run off to do a separate film or mini-series, and just get it on as different characters).

Either way, thanks to Kai's appearance, we got what I call the Kai Effect.  See, after the pain and torment at the hands of this psycho, Bonnie turns over a new leaf.  No more sacrificing for people and no more forgiving.  This is made painfully clear after Kai merged with his kinder, gentler brother, becoming a slightly more humane individual.  He started to feel guilty about his treatment of Bonnie and coerced Damon to let him see her so he could apologize.  When Damon made the mistake of ignoring Bonnie's refusal to see Kai, suffice to say...it didn't go over so well for him.

FINALLY.  No more Miss Nice Black Best Friend.  And the fans LOVE it.

Now, after getting caught up on Season 6 (watching eps out of order, mind you), I took on the currently airing Season 7 in which Bonnie, Alaric, and Damon have become this odd, supernatural trio who are like something out of a crazy joke (a witch, a hunter, and a vampire walk into a bar...).  They initially spent some time in Europe before heading back to Mystic Falls.  Alaric was researching the Phoenix Stone (which brings back the dead), and Damon was drinking away his memories of Elena.

The most recent episode showed Bonnie raising both a vampire and Alaric's deceased wife with the Phoenix Stone.  What's hilarious is that she raises the vampire first (it takes several amusing attempts, one of which causes his body to catch fire), but eventually, she does raise him (screaming horrifically) from the dead.  To which a gleeful Damon remarks, "Bonnie, you are officially the most terrifying person I know."

According to the critics of the AV Club, "That's 'I love you' in Damon Salvatore-speak."


  1. I didn't realize it still came on.

  2. Chris Wood is staring in a new show called Containment. From pictures it looks like a pretty diverse cast, however, it's on the CW so no telling what it'll be like.


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