Black Girls' Night Out: The Sisters Mills (#SleepyHollow)

I barely remember the episode I'm about to review.

It seems this week, Pandora raised her sixth creature feature, the Red Lady of Caribee, which appeared to be hybrid bee/sistah in a red dress, who change into a swarm of bees and back.  Anyone who she stung turned paranoid, then full on crazy, then died (except for Abbie's boss Daniel Reynolds, played by Lance Gross).

I also remember that this was the final creature Pandora could raise before her tree opened up a la the Sleepy Hollow film starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci, let her walk in, and then apparently descend into some sort of hell dimension.


That's what Sleepy Hollow's become to me - a snorefest.  Like FangirlU commented on my last SH post, the writers have garnered so much criticism and ire from fans that they've chosen to play things safe this season.

The Mills sisters appearing to be suffering the most from this because it's left their characterization stagnant.  Abbie is as one-note as ever, with barely a change in facial expression or tone.  She was tracking down their father, but that investigation appears to have stalled.  This week we did get a flashback to her ancestor, but said ancestor was "helping" Betsy Ross.  *yawn*  It's almost like Abbie Mills is descended from a long line of Bonnie Bennetts (Seasons 1-5, of course).

Then again, something interesting might be about to go down (emphasis on "might").  For several eps now, Jenny Mills and Joe Corbin have been trying to figure why everyone suddenly wants the Shard of Anubis.  Mind you, August Corbin had this thing for a while, like, at least 2 seasons after he died, and yet folks are suddenly giving a heavy shit about it.

My first concern was, "It's hunk of twisted, burnt-looking rock.  Why do people keep referring to it as a shard?"  August Corbin's old war buddy (and black market kingpin) reveals that when twisted a certain way, the rock separates to reveal a deep orange shard.  When Jenny and Joe wrest it from him and head for their getaway car, Jenny's body absorbs the shard.

Later, when she's sleeping, we see the power from the shard coursing throughout her body, waking her up in a cold sweat.  Methinks she's about to get superpowers of some sort, which would be a nice upgrade for a change.

At least...that's what I'm hoping.

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