Concerning Bonnie Bennett: I'm not down with #Benzo

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*retches at the very thought*

I'll admit was excited to start a Bonnie Bennett series for Black Girls' Night out.  Yes...I will say that out loud.

Season 6 unleashed something, ladies...in addition to Bonnie's general (ageless) awesomeness, we got teasing of Bamon and the scorching, explosive chemistry of Bonkai.

And then came Season 7, in which the writers hit the reset button, and I felt I was suddenly watching an earlier season of the show.  We've got all the familiar culprits - Bonnie helping out when she doesn't really need to, Bonnie experiencing side effects for helping out, Bonnie getting diminished screen time, and our personal favorite...Bonnie not getting the kind of ship she deserves/we really want.

I can neither watch nor write about this anymore.  I'm just gonna concentrate on my first new fic in ages, and pretend that I can un-see the vomit-inducing sight of Bonnie kissing Enzo.

*retches and reaches for a palate-cleanser*

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