Black Girl Music: Chaley Rose

I'm somewhat patiently waiting for "Swirl Girl Icon" Chaley Rose to drop an album and go on tour, y'all - for real.  She was my main reason for even bothering with Nashville (roommate's a fan), where she was treated much like Joss Carter, Bonnie Bennett, Ashley on Revenge, Lacey Porter, Abbie Mills...you get the gist.

Chaley Rose has this sweet, soulful voice which makes me feel.  Understand that most of the folks singing on Nashville are not great singers.  They're okay, primarily because of auto-tune (which, let's face it, can only do so much).  In fact, I noticed that all the great singers tend to be either guest or recurring characters, so it's no wonder she's no longer on the show. As the character Zoey Dalton, she brought such an evocative layer to the music.

Okay, so in that last one, she didn't get to do much singing, but whatcha gon do...the Chaley Rose music videos are seriously lacking online, despite all the singing she did on the show. And it's a shame because in one episode when she's singing backup for Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), Juliette gets sick and flees the stage so Zoey takes over and just does soooooo much better.


Any of y'all watch the show at all? Thoughts, please!

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