Black Girl Music: Kat Graham

Here's the thing about Kat Graham.

When I saw her on The Vampire Diaries, that was my first real introduction to her.  And as with many fans of Graham's, what I saw on that show really framed my perception of her.  I've spent years wondering what the hell this woman is still doing on that show, and when I started this music series, I suddenly remembered in the back of my mind that in addition to acting and modeling, Graham dances and makes music.

On TVD, Kat Graham is the afterthought, the sidekick, the token.  In music, Kat Graham is front and center, a flawless, fierce force of nature.  She's been a back-up dancer for Bow Wow, Missy Elliot, and Pharrell.  She's collaborated with Babyface and Benny Boom.  Yet despite writing, recording, and performing songs professionally for almost fourteen years now, her music career remains one of the industry's best kept secrets...but that's sort of the running theme here, isn't it?

I was shocked at all her singles, EPs, remix albums - and even a full-length album - just casually chillin' on Amazon.  I didn't know she'd racked up a collection like that.  Like one of her commenters pondered on YouTube, how is she not selling out stadiums???

Graham's artistry is surprisingly broad and diverse, as are her vocal range and fashion tastes.  So while I understand that she's probably sticking with The Vampire Diaries strictly to pay the bills, she shouldn't have to, and I'm convinced now more than ever that the CW is just un-fucking-worthy.

I prefer the "Cities at Night" Remix, of course:

How is she not the goddamn star of her own goddamn show?

After variously working in film, music, TV, and fashion since 1998, Kat Graham's current estimated net worth is about $3 million.  I keep bringing up net worth because we've all noticed that when a Black artist is a multi-threat - singing, songwriting, dancing, acting, modeling, producing - for several years, they still earn far less than their white counterparts who do the same amount of work or less, and who don't have anywhere near their talent.


  1. She is no longer an after thought. Since Nina bowed out. She is now the front runner set to help carry the show. Rightfully so because the writing with all the characters began to bore. Yes she is mega talented. Still music doesn't really pay the bills. Now acting does. She is getting ready to put her mark on Vampire Dairies and it's about damn time.

    1. She is getting ready to put her mark on Vampire Dairies and it's about damn time.

      True, but already her screen time's been diminished to the point she was completely absent last week (I think...I don't recall seeeing her).

      Also, how do you feel about her being paired with Enzo? Because I dry-heaved when I saw that shit.

  2. ...There is a dance version of this video and you didn't tell me! *crosses arms*
    So much happier than yesterday


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