Black Girl Music: Rich White Ladies

I love, love, love the Rich White Ladies.

I first learned of them when I was reading about cameos in Silento's "Whip/Nae Nae".  I remember seeing their name and going, "Huh?"  It's a perfectly snarky name for the fun, chic duo, which comprises rapper Tokyo Diiva and chanteuse Scotty Rebel (LOVE their names!!!!).

Rich White Ladies' artistry blends hip hop, pop, and electronica with irreverent lyrics about living like, well, rich white ladies.  I love this duo because they look like they're having such a blast making girly music and fun videos, all the while wearing whatever the hell they want. They haven't dropped a full-length album yet (it's in progress), but they've already done a tour and performed in Russia.

Aside from the appropriation of the Native American headdress and the cover of a Miley Cyrus song, I was impressed they got this far.

I currently own their 2015 self-titled EP Rich White Ladies (of course).  It has four tracks and costs $3.45.  Out of a simple desire to support them, I bought the Wimbledon (Remixes) album for $4.99, but I prefer the "One Percent" and "Ransom" tracks off the other album.

And this video was filmed during Halloween:


  1. Yeah was distracted by the head dress....couldn't focus on much else.....

    1. Wonder who thought it was a great idea.....

    2. They look like they're having nothing but wild fun. "Ransom" is pretty good.

  2. I'm browsing my history (already viewed videos) on youtube and I stumbled again upon their MV "One Percent" (I saw your blog post a while ago), so I decided to view other MVs...and I like them now ! The more stuff I see from them, the more I think I get them.
    I liked the concept of "White Powder Perm" with White actresses and "Wimbledon". "No Bad Vibez" too. Theur music is fun and catchy, their MVs are sometimes really good.
    Now I have to read interviews about them, I'm curious :)


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