Black Girls Behaving Badly: Marie Holmes...?

I don't think folks are considering the Marie Holmes situation from all angles.  Yes, it's true she walked off with $88 million from the lottery.  It's true she's bailed her boyfriend out of jail four times now, paying out a total of $21 million.  And while one commenter stated that for the first time in her life she needed to see a dick pic (to know what $21 million-dick looks like), I think folks are being a little harsh here.

Keep in mind what started her man's legal troubles: he got busted with 8,000 bags of heroin.  Not grams, bags.  Now - *sniff* - when your man is dealing drugs on that level, you can't just tell the authorities, "Oh...well...I didn't know."   Whether you knew or not is irrelevant because no white judge and jury are going to believe that shit.

Flipping the script, look at it from the dude's side.  Your woman just got $88 million deposited into her bank account.  And while that would normally be a blessing, you're involved in some deeply illegal shit, and this whole winning-the-lottery fiasco has put your ass under a microscope.  So, quite naturally, you get busted for doing shit.  Your girl is poised to take her Benjamins, her four babies, and hightail it off to an island somewhere while you are stuck rotting in a cold-ass jail.

Whatcha gon do?  Just let her fly off into the sunset with her millions and your children?  Of course not.

In times like this, you don't want to pay attention to what people are saying in the media, but what they're not saying.  'Cause let's think about this realistically: you've just been cut a check for $88 million.  Your significant other - not spouse - gets locked up in jail over some shit.  No one who is truly free and clear of their SO's fuckery is going to stick around.  There is No Such Thing as $21 million dick.  It does not exist.  If I won that much money and my SO was jailed shortly thereafter, I would just take that as a sign from the gods that it was not meant to be.  And once I saw all those zeroes safely in my account, I'd be on the first flight out. #Deuces

So long story short, I think that every time Holmes covers for her boyfriend, she's actually covering for herself.  Once the legal dust settles and she gets the bulk of her bail money back...she's outta there.



    I'm so freaking glad that you brought up this subject! I was showing my sister, mom and a man who just put his two cents into our conversation and we all agree..the man is ruining her life.

    I say this with much respect and though you have fools in all races,, Marie is disgracing me as a Black woman. What is her problem? I know that lobotomies have been outlawed many moons ago,but dear Marie could use one right now. He must got solid gold in his pants because there is no way I would be with a joker like that!

    I think about that Golddigger song that Lanye West had several years ago. He sung about seeing an unknown kid in 18 years, I will sing the same about Marie's bail. 21 mil..21 mil?!..my god..in bail money. Do you know what I can do with 21 million dollars? by a new home, take a few trips, go back to school.maybe own some property. What has Marie done with her millions? bailed her "man" out.

    The strange man who so politely* sarcasm* interviened in our conversation did bring up a point. Marie's " fiance" is a " deadbeat" and a " punk". Though I cannot put the entire thing on him, he should be want to let her spend those millions on jail( though I think the bail is too high. It's like the state/city in North Carolina want her to lose her money) and should straighten up his life and far as Marie. After one time, he will not be with me and he will have to stay in jail until he can get out on his own. No can do with him.

    Though Marie is a pretty young woman who can get a man..and get one who will love her for her, she also looks like a woman who as old Black Southern folks would say " touched "...she just don't like she's dealing with a full deck and after reading her rules on stupidity, I'm more convinced than ever that she isn't.

    Marie needs help..no doubt. Unless my man is going to jail for civil disobedience or has been wrongly convicted of a crime..I'm sorry but there is no way in h--- I will be with a deadbeat like him, especially one that sells drugs and has caused her 21 million dollars in heartache. It just hurt my feelings reading this and I'm not the one with the money. She's still defending him.

    I'm willing to bet that if she loses her millions, he will also leave her. I wonder has she put her kids on a trust fund as she said she was going to do. If anybody she should focus on them. I know that if that was me, that is exactly what I would do. The way she talked, she may not have done it.

    1. I agree with not understanding why his bail was so high when people who commit serious crimes have lower bails. Honestly yes she has wasted 21 million but honestly she is left with 67 million and she can still live off of that. Do I think its crazy to spend that amount to get someone out of jail, of course, but her win her money and I doubt she is the only one whose every done anything crazy with her winnings. I just hope at the end of the day her children are straight, the kids are what matter to me. She can spend her portion on her boyfriend but leave the kids at least 1-5 million for them to have. I hope no more money goes toward that boyfriend and his legal issues and I really do think that money should be refunded to her based on that ridiculous amount set for bail. That state is not slick.
      I never thought about the situation that way, its highly possible she gets a piece of his money from his entrepreneurial pursuits, so she may be waiting to get her money back. While she is waiting I hope she has stashed away the other 67 million, with 12-20 million being split between her four kids.

    2. Wayment...didn't she give $19 million to her church when she first won? I think I remember reading that last year.

    3. Excuse me ladies. She won $188 million not $88 million. I am thinking they bail was set so high has to discourage her from spending her money on some idiot that doesn't deserve it. She has spent a total of $36 million getting him out of jail. Is that too high? Yes! But why help someone who hasn't contributed anything to your life, but sperm? Because most people as Ankh put it would have thrown the deuces and said you are on your own.

      She donated $10 million to fix her church.

      And she shouldn't be spending nothing on this fool. Why should she? And yes its her money, but its another example of how black women will put someone else's interest (a lot of women regardless of race does this truthfully) ahead of their own.

      And no Amanda O she isn't the only one to do something stupid. There is a long list of lottery winners being broke within a few years of winning. I remember one white man who died broke less then ten years after winning.

      My kids would have been my number one priority upon winning that money. Yeah the state thinks its slick, but if she is stupid to keep doing it then she doesn't deserve it.

      "its highly possible she gets a piece of his money from his entrepreneurial pursuits" - Why would you even be involved with someone doing that crap? NO WOMAN needs to settle for someone like that. She has also bought him a auto shop to get his life together and he is still selling drugs!

    4. $88 million was what she got after taking the lump sum and paying out fees and taxes.

    5. My mistake!

      Okay that is actually a stupid move for anyone. I know most people get caught in the taxes, but by taking payouts every year it forces to to have a budget. Yes you are in a higher tax bracket. But getting $10 million a year after taxes is still pretty good. Plus you know that you can't spend crazy because you have to wait until the next year to get more.

      And having ALREADY spent $36 million is a bad sign. Its been less than a year and she has already gone through half of her money (add in what was given to her church). I hope and pray that trust funds were set up for the children. She is young. If she keeps up this pace it will be gone soon.

    6. The jackpot for Powerball is now 1.4 billion dollars.

      Can I make a confession to all? I haven't played the lottery of any sort since 1993 when my state first started theirs. Unbelievably, I stopped playing because I grew bored from it for some strange reason, although I should have had a good time playing it.

      Another reason that I stopped playing is because I fear that my life will no longer be the same after it..and I don't mean in a good way. I like privacy( if people want to call it that). Depending on the amount of millions you get, you will not be as private like you once were. Some news reporter will say your name and then everybody else will follow suit. Just imagine the poor soul who could win those billions. They will not only be known to North America,but more than likely..to the world. Back in the day,the Onassis's was the talk of the world. if it wasn't about Christina, it was about Athina..her daughter. It was said that Christina died an unhappy woman,while her daughter was a cynic who wanted to be as normal as possible. Sadly, they always had to watch their back and the people who they called " friends" and family. Maybe other people can,but I cannot see myself being happy with that much money. I never wanted to be poor,but I don't want to be rich. I just want to like a comfortable life.

      Do Marie think that she can't do better? it sure seems that way. It's like she under some Svengali spell that she cannot get under from and it's scary because this man is DANGEROUS! he's a drug dealer and he could get this woman killed at the slightest mistake he makes. I don't know about Marie,but the drug dealing would certainly have me looking the other way.

      Marie's fiance defends them saying that he's the father of her youngest kid and that they are going to be a "family"..ha! It's not fair that he's letting Marie pay all of that bail like that for his numerous run in with the law and that he having his family living in that much danger like that. If he loved Marie..you know the saying..he would leave her alone.

    7. @M-I hear you. My sister and I were talking about it the other day. While a lot of money would be nice I would be afraid because I LIKE my life now. I can go places without being hassled for money. No relatives with their hands out. Especially the ones you haven't see in ages. No having to worry about money is nice, but not when you have to worry about everything else!

      And yes I think Marie believes that he is the best she can do. He has probably been working on her head (getting inside messing with her esteem) since way before she won this money.

  2. You can also claim your winnings anonymously. And if I played the numbers I'd pick this option every single time lol

    1. @Ayesha-That only applies to certain states. Or if you start a trust for the money to go into then you can claim it anonymously (if you are in a state that does not allow it).

    2. I congratulate those three sets of people who won the POWERBALL.

      Like Lor mentioned, only certain states permit for you to be anonymous. If the winners would have won in the state of Georgia where I'm from, they would need to identify themselves. A state senator want to pass a bill to change that..on one condition..you would be able to remain anonymous if you're willing to give up 25 percent of your earnings. Me think not.

    3. You can remain anonymous if you set up a trust (this is in states where you can remain anon) for the money to go into. I remember a man did that years ago for my home state. All anyone knew was that it was a male and the money was moved into a trust. You have to be smart about it.

      Like a newcaster said about the couple who went on tv to announce their winnings. They just totally messed up their lives. Now you have to move (you can't seriously think you can stay in the same place) or "go back to your job" as the lady stated. As you stated M. What they used to love about their life HAS to change.

    4. Maybe I read the post wrong but I thought maybe you were insinuating that Marie Holmes was in on her boyfriend drug dealing lifestyle and he might have had something on her, and that was the reason she bailed him out. Blackmail or something. Well anyway I definitely think if it were switched and the boyfriend won and she was in jail, he wouldn't have bailed her out. He would've been off to the next chick.

    5. @ Rose Z

      You didn't read wrong. My theory is that if your boyfriend makes his money by dealing 8000 bags of heroin at a time, it's hard to convince anyone you don't know and aren't involved. If she had left him to rot, he would have gladly thrown her under the bus.

      Which is why you're right. Has he been the one to win, he would have dropped her like a bad habit and never looked back.

    6. @Rose Z-"Well anyway I definitely think if it were switched and the boyfriend won and she was in jail, he wouldn't have bailed her out. He would've been off to the next chick."

      EXACTLY! I always tell a woman to reverse the roles. And then think about it from his stand point. Most times a guy is not going to wait no matter how fioonne you may be or if you are the mother of his children!

    7. Yep...I will only stand by a man if he's a great, outstanding, family oriented human being. Heck, he's not even cute. not that I still would be with a man for that reason..lol!

      I was just reading an article on how Marie may be getting in trouble for threatening her.According to the mistress..Lamarr( I think that is his name) have other women spending her money, besides her and Marie and I believe the mistress.

      Lamarr isn't worth Marie's sanity or her life whatsoever. He's only holding on to her and let her run out of money and he'll be gone. I hope that she has a will because if I was in Marie's shoes, I would never leave my money with him.

    8. M,

      Not only do I believe side chick is real, I believe every single word she says.

      Watch Spike Lee or Lee Daniels make a movie about these people. The drama writes itself.

    9. What is going to happen is one of these women will get pregnant and sue for child support. While it is her money SHE will be making payments for him! Or he will talk her into marrying him and then all her money is gone for child support. Cause you know she won't do a prenup.

    10. I just hope she saves some of that money for her kids' future.

    11. " Watch Spike Lee or Lee Daniels make a movie about these people. The drama writes itself".
      I wouldn't be surprised if they did. I didn't think that the chain events would turn to be something that you would see on RHOA.

      " What is going to happen is going to happen is one of these women will get pregnant and sue for child support."

      ^ If one or more of those women get pregnant, I imagine that his money..and not Marie's..will have to pay for those kids. That is what concerns me about Marie is not only is he taking advantage of her..but you know somewhere down the line, Lamarr's mistresses will too. Now that Marie may have put herself in a quagmire over her fiance's mistress, I wouldn't be surprised if the mistress tried to sue her for harassment/terrorist threats as Marie may get charged with. They do it to rich folks a lot, so why not a rich lottery winner like her?

      " I just hope she saves some of that money for her kids' future."

      ^God knows.. I hope so. Supposedly, she said she was. There was a lady in Toronto who struck gold in their lottery ans sadly, end up losing it all, not because she lost her money in bail money to a low life but she was too generous for her own good. Although she's broke, she was smart enough to set up a trust for her 4 kids and they cannot have access to it until they are in their 20's. Very Smart move on that woman.

      Marie..as I said before, she's a pretty woman,but at the same time, she has that look of " duh" ..kind of like Gabrielle Union..beauty and no brains(and who Marie sort of resemble) and certainly didn't use it when she married Dwayne Wade, I 'll give them credit..at least they both have their own money.

    12. @M-"If one or more of those women get pregnant, I imagine that his money..and not Marie's..will have to pay for those kids."

      UNLESS the mistress pulls a Clay Aiken. If while with Lamarr the child is living a luxurious lifestyle the mistrees could sue for more money. And if she is paying over $20 million for bail then Marie will make those payments too. Especially if he (which he won't) got joint custody of that child. Also this other woman (or women) could sue her for emotional distress.

      she has that look of " duh" ..kind of like Gabrielle Union.-She actually reminds me of Nia Long back in the day. I guarantee you that Dwayne still got her to sign a prenup. He has a whole lot more money than her and her life got a lot better marrying him.

  3. I think the point of the post was missed. She's not covering him, she is covering herself. She is attempting to prevent herself from getting into legal hot water so to speak. We all know, his appendage isn't covered in gold, what we don't know is before she won, what was happening and how much did she know about his as Ankh put it, entrepreneurial enterprise. This isn't a matter of black and white, there is a whole bunch of grey. Who are his friends? Who was he selling for? Where are these people and how involved are they in her and her children's safety? We don't know anything except how much she has posted for bail which she gets back once everything is settled. Then the 10million she donated to her church becomes a tax write-off I believe. We have to ask more questions than what the media is portraying.

    1. So sorry - this comment was originally held hostage in the spam blocker.

    2. So sorry - this comment was originally held hostage in the spam blocker.

  4. " -She actually reminds me of Nia Long back in the day. I will guarantee you that Dwayne still got her her to sign a prenup".

    I agree. She also favors Nia..only Nia wouldn't tolerate the stuff that Marie is dealing with. Though Gabrielle and Dwayne are both rich, I don't know why she wanted to marry Dwayne in the first place.

    I was looking at the Blackvoices section of the Huffington post discussing about Black love. A couple of the couples they had on there I agree with but when I seen Gabrielle and Dwayne I was like NOOOOO!! This man have mistreated his first wife. He's not stable in terms of relationships.I'll give that marriage 5 years and they will be apart.

    If Dwayne did make Gabrielle sign a prenup, I wouldn't know why. I could be wrong but something tells me that he would be the violator of their marriage.

  5. Dwayne is wealthy. Gabrielle is rich. Two different things.

    "If Dwayne did make Gabrielle sign a prenup, I wouldn't know why. I could be wrong but something tells me that he would be the violator of their marriage." One answer. Tom Cruise. When he was married to Nicole Kidman there was a stipulation that she got a certain amount if they were married ten years or more. He made sure to cut it off before that ten year mark. Dwayne is protecting his money. Even if he cheats or she cheats its about protecting your assets. Hopefully she was smart enough to do the same thing.

    I hate the term black love. Its an okey doke in my book. Another tool used to make sure black women stay loyal. I saw the article and laughed through most of it. A lot of the men have cheated on their wives.

  6. This just made my head fuckin hurt. I can't even deal with this madness right now.


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