Black Girl Music: #CocoAvenue

Shout out to Black In Korea blog for introducing me to this wonderful, ground-breaking duo.  CocoAvenue is the world's first all-Black K-Pop group and I have to say...I'm amazed.

I admire when a group is ballsy, and clearly having fun (think Rich White Ladies).  Like RaNia, CocoAvenue has reawakened some of my interest in K-Pop.

CocoAvenue, however, is strictly indie at this point, and need help funding their first EP.  I really want to see these ladies succeed; I don't want them to simply make history and then disappear without any tangible and lasting success.  Let that be a resolution for 2016: no more strictly nominal shit.  I mean, think about the impact of an all-Black K-Pop group.  Think about what it means for the next generation of Black fans.  Think about the Black fans not only here in the US, but Canada, Europe, Africa, and South America.  World tour, anyone?


  1. Now this is a Kpop group that I can take seriously.

    Like you said, they aren't fake and they do not look obligated to entertain people. I would love to see these women make it. I would not only want them to be successful with indie music but any genre they are capable of singing. They remind of 5th harmony,but sound a little better than they. These young women have a lot of promise to go far. I'm hoping that they will do some touring and get more exposure. It would be nice to see them at a Kpop festival( if permitted) or concert.

  2. I don't know how I feel about them yet, I'd have to watch more videos.
    I'm glad that they had the chance to go to Korea and learn the language, which is a very good point as a Kpop group.
    They can sing and do some dancing, they're fashion style is cool.
    Now I don't really know what their long-term goal is (besides releasing an bilingual EP), what kind of music they want to release (pop, urban pop, electro, etc), after doing these covers. I guess we'll see what they will bring to the table as a blingual group, what "doing kpop" means to them as artists. I heard that doing kpop means singing in Korean, basically. If that's true I guess they have lots of room for creativity or individuality. I hope they'll make it. Hopefully not as idols but as a group of their own. It will be interesting to see a Black female group making it in Korea. I just hope they won't have to conform too much to the cultures/music scene in the future, whether in Korea or in the USA.

  3. They are certainly talented! I love their energy. I'd polish their stage presence and performance but the raw talent has me hooked.


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