Black Girls' Night Out: Olivia Pope

Yes, much to my chagrin...I'm still watching.

It just occurred to me that Scandal is five seasons old.  Five seasons old, and yet I still feel like I'm watching Season 1 and waiting for something - anything - to happen.  I barely even remember Seasons 3 and 4.  I don't even remember the first half of Season 5.  Yet somehow, this show's managed to score a Season 6.

The irony is here is that Scandal is on it's fifth second chance trying to correct/reinvent itself.  But in so doing they've created a show that's like your frenemy/relative/boss who's plagued with chronic amnesia.  Every season premiere is an unspoken clean slate that ends up being cluttered with the same bullshit as the season before.

However...there have been some powerful moments with Olivia Pope which, I think, are only bugging certain folks because she's a Black woman.

Hear me out: in Season 5 alone, we've seen Olivia abort Fitz's baby without consulting him, and then break up with him.  That's right, the infamous Black side piece decided she didn't want a rich White President's baby and furthermore, she didn't want him.  Turned down his marriage proposal and everything.  And while some laud Shonda Rhimes for plugging that into the show, I noticed that ratings for Scandal have steadily been slipping since Olivia started giving exactly zero dambs.

Season 5 has revealed an Olivia who is more ruthless than ever, and quite frankly, I find that inspiring.  I was never part of the Liv-Has-to-be-a-White-Hat crowd; for fuck's sake, I wear all black, all day, everyday, even in spring and summer.  Good or evil, I just need Olivia to be interesting, and once she stopped fucking Fitz and Jake, and got a regular job of promoting Mellie's candidacy, she got more interesting.

This week, the comatose ex-Vice-President what's-his-face comes out of his coma ready for some payback, namely in the form of blabbing to a reporter.  With 48 hours until the story breaks, a power-drunk Abby double-crosses Olivia Pope by trying to throw Mellie under the bus to the press, because if Fitz goes down, then Abby Dearest can't run the Oval anymore.  And she ain't ready to give that gig up.  To be fair, Liv didn't help by saying, "Well, when you lose this gig you can always come back for me" - I mean, come on, Olivia.  You know women can't go backwards in lifestyle.  Abby is running the White House.  You really think she wants to give that up and come back to the tattered shreds of OPA????

Abby practically has a mental breakdown at the thought, and when Liv confronts her about the betrayal, Abby gives her some rapid-fire bullshit speech about how she had to double-cross Liv to preserve the current Presidency at all costs, because that's supposedly their "mission", and since Liv works for her (since when, tho?), Abby basically tells Olivia to get in formation.  She then rescinds Liv's access to the White House.  Which doesn't last because...come on, it's Olivia.

Liv then tries to do damage control by striking a new deal with the ex-VP, but the ex-VP ain't hearin' it.  He instead thinks that it's a great idea that he, a wheelchair-bound stroke survivor, should remind Liv of how he had her kidnapped, and then gets really nasty with the sexual comments ("side piece", "big mouth", and "cheap slut" included).  He makes a crack about getting Liv "back on the auction block", so Liv - suddenly embodying every fed-up Black woman ever - finally snaps...and bashes the former VP's head in a with metal chair.

Blood-splattered, she coldly tells a speechless Abby to never cross her again.  The episode ends with Liv going home to Daddy, no doubt to forge a new dark alliance.

And you know what?  Good for her.  *raises champagne glass*  I think when some people talk about not liking Olivia anymore, it's because she's stopped drinking wine, living off popcorn, and screwing alternate White dudes all day.  She's gotten angry, and I like Angry Liv.  Angry Liv doesn't fuck around.

Checkmate, bitch.

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