It's Waaaay Past Time for Bonnie Bennett to Exit #TVD

Kat Graham...gives no dambs
I don't know if Nicole Beharie and Kat Graham got together over coffee a while back and just were like, "Girl...do you think we should just say 'Fuck it' and call our respective bullshit a day?"
“The Vampire Diaries” is losing another star but possibly getting Nina Dobrev back as Elena! Kat Graham who portrays witch Bonnie Bennett says Season 8 is her last. That means she’ll be done around mid-2017. But is Kat Graham leaving of her own volition? Or is she being ushered out the door to make room for a Nina Dobrev return?

Kat’s character Bonnie is not front and center right now. She’s not in a romance, she’s not the target of hunter Rayna, and now there’s another witch on the scene with Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) who is more powerful than Bonnie and is a vampire to boot so she’s easier to keep alive.

The bottom line is Bonnie is extraneous. Not only that, because of the wicked spell that Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) mom placed on Bonnie, she and Elena can’t exist in the same timeline. Bonnie has to die for Elena to come back.

With “The Vampire Diaries” ratings suffering, are showrunners at The CW hoping for (and encouraging) Kat Graham to check out of the show so they can kill off Bonnie and bring Elena back to life? Nina Dobrev has been pursuing other projects since she left The CW show she helped make a hit.

But let’s face it, Nina Dobrev is not exactly setting the world on fire with her movie career – two small parts and nothing of critical interest.
I want to say "Yes" and "All of the above" to the aforementioned questions, but most importantly, I want to say it's about goddamn time.  In the last two episodes, she's been completely missing from TVD.

A proud member of Generation Noir, Kat Graham has been busy; she's set to portray Jada Pinkett-Smith in the upcoming Tupac biopic All Eyez on Me (2016), and in my humble opinion, that's the sort of project which deserves our attention.  I'm already impatient for the trailer.

As many of you know, she landed the Wet 'n' Wild campaign last year.  Wet 'n' Wild even used some of her music.

And this year, Graham landed the Caress body wash campaign. Chica's been busy, y'all.

Bonnie Bennett fans may be sad to see her go, but this really is in the best interest of the actress, who previously flat-out stated she feels no attachment towards the character.  The check was nice while it lasted, but it's way past time to move on to better things.  I'm just surprised Kat Graham's not calling quits this year.


  1. I haven't seen the Vampire Diaries in ages. Aside from finding the Elena character (or at least Nina Dobrev's portrayal of her) insufferably annoying, I also thought the way they mishandled/under-utilized the Bonnie character, was on some straight up b.s. Bonnie seemed to serve no purpose, other than to be a mule for everyone else and their bidding. They couldn't even give her a proper romantic relationship.

    Now I'm tempted to revisit the seasons I missed, just to see how else it FAILS. So glad to see she's got meatier projects to work on.

    1. Also...I'm on to Kat Graham. She's a hustla. Her business instincts and strategies tend to be on point. I hope she keeps racking up these campaigns.

  2. TheSecretNinja2001April 11, 2016 at 9:45 PM

    the CW has had a history of messing over black actors and black characters since its inception. i've never watched this show, nor have i ever had the desire to watch anything branded from the CW once i realized they pulled a bait-and-switch.


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